Episode 15

Wen i was much younga der was dis man of God who talkd abt de many tins he had to face wen he decided to live a moral lyf. He sed der wer tyms his x galfrens wil bare demselvs naked b4 him n yt he neva lied wit dem:oops:. I wonderd if i cud do same if i eva facd one. N today i did it! Yes i did it!:) Yu see ur face😆! Wen i saw her half naked i new i had to flee🏃. Bt bcos she was nt fully naked bt half naked, i lukd half n fled half:roll:. I fled lyk a thief n even tripd n hurt my toe.
As i headed towards home i was shockd😧 n happy:). Shockd dat a lady of her caliba wil wnt to sleep wit samwan she jx met n nt even her age mate. I was also happy bcos i did wat a thousand men cnt do n also had a free show👙.
I was limpin on my way home. I hadnt realised my toe was bleedin badly😬. Wen i got to de front of Akosua’s place she was sittin outside. She walkd ova n askd me wat had happnd. By now my face was lyk a chinese standin on a desert😑. I didnt want to tel her de truth cos i didnt want to be a hero so i jx told her an old lady poked me wit a stick. Ofcos i dint want her to bliv me i jx wantd her to laf! Bt she didnt:?. She lukd worried. She told me to go wit her into her house for treatment. I lafd😄.
De last tym a gal tended my wound was wen we livd in Odorkor. She askd me to close my eyes n b4 i realised she had sprinkled powdad pepper in my open wound:twisted:. She tot anytin dat burns a wound heals a wound…😟smh. So i told Akosua dt i appreciate her concern bt i dnt tink its a gud idea. She askd me to wait outside while she fetchd a first aid kit⛔. I watchd as she tended my wound. It was obvious dis was nt her firstym doin dis. So i said nutin, jx relaxd n lookin at her:mrgreen:. Den i heard samwan shout ‘Edwin!’. It was my mum n she was comin home frm wrk😁 sheeee🙊. Evtyn was very embarasin. Me sitin dwn wit a gal playin wit my toes by de roadside n my mum lukin at me lyk she was witnessin a plane crush:oops:.


Watch out for episode 16. Its ur boy Eddy💫