Episode 14

Its funny how people try to get close to me. I remba bak in JHS der was dis gal who lykd me bt cudnt approach me bcos i wasnt dat open to gals:?. One day she folowd me to de lorry station n tuk a bus🚌 wit me to my area. It was wen we alightd dat i saw her n askd wat she was doin here nowin she lives nt far frm our skul. She told me she wantd to av a chance to talk to me n she did dis bcos of love😆👉💖. She was talkin wit tears in her eyes😿. Dat was one stupid love bt here Akosua was playin smart.
I av to take her lil sis home weneva she cams to do her homewrk at our place. N my sista Julia also seemd very fond of dat small gal, Akosua’s plan was classic:mrgreen:. So afta evtyn i gave my manager a call n she said it was ok to com ova to her place.
I walkd Akosua’s sista Diana to her house n Akosua came out to meet us. Wen Akosua came she was smilin:). I tried to frown bt it wasnt workin😒. N den we both startd lafin😄. She new wat she was doin. I askd her how she found out wer i stay n she said her lil sista passes by our place evday n my sista Julia was known by evwan in de skul. So it was very simple. As we wer talkin i didnt pay much attention to wat she was sayin. I was lukin😬 at her eyes n nose n lips. Den she told me der’s no one else at home n so it wud be a gud tym for me to cam in. I told her i was goin samwer. She jokinly askd if i was goin to my galfren’s place. I lafd n said yes.
As i was walkin away i stopd n lukd bak. She was stil der lukin at me. Ders samtyn i av nt told u guys. I am more of myself wen I am wit Akosua, n i lyk how she’s strait-forwd n plain. I walkd bk to her n told her i rilli enjoy her company☺. She lukd @ me n askd y wont i jx tell her i lyk her:?. Hmmm dats wat i wantd to say. Bt i only no her frm yestday. So i smild n walkd away.
I was on my way to my manager’s haus. It was nyc n huge. Wen i enterd she was de only one der. I askd her if she livd here alone. N she said yes. N shes nt married too…hw cn a man even approach😟. She walkd me to de rum wer de laptop was n stud behin me as i sat infrnt of de laptop. She engaged me in a normal conversation n den found a way of askin if i had a galfren. To avoid trouble i said yes😠!! She smild n said dats gud. Wen i askd her why she said it wil make tinz easier. I was confusd:oops:. Normally dis shd be wer she advices me to be serious wit wrk n stuf lyk dat. She told me der was a job vacancy she wantd me to fil. All i had to do was to sleep wit her n de job is mine😁. N bcos i av a galfren der wil b no complications wit love n watsoeva. She jx wantd me to lie wit her….free bonto😨! Bfor i cud say anytin else she was alredi half naked. Then i did it!


Watch out for episode 15. Its ur boy Eddy💫