THE BLUE WINDOW Season 1 Episode 7


Kwesi was lying down when I entered the room, I sat on his back but he didn’t react. “Ah, but you what’s wrong with you, you’ve been acting really cold these past few days, what’s up with you?”

He turned to look at me and smiled. “I was put in a fridge, that’s why I’m cold”. “I smacked him on the cheek and he laughed.

“what is it with you and that guy, why does he always bring you home, doesn’t he have anywhere to be, I don’t like him at all”

I looked at Kwesi with shock on my face. “What do you mean you don’t like him, you don’t even know the guy”. How was I going to tell him what the guy had told me and what I had to do when he didn’t even like him.

“Well, he seems like a fake to me, I don’t like him”. I rose from my sitting position at his back. “I’m going home now, had a tiring day, got to rest”.

He turned and looked at me. “Ah, but why did you come?” “Do I have to have a reason for coming here?” I walked out and closed the door silently behind me.

The idiot, who was I going to talk to about my problem now? Kwesi could be so uptight sometimes and it was so annoying.
I started thinking of who to talk to, at a point, my mom crossed my mind and I laughed like I was crazy, she would kill me before I get two words out of my mouth.

I didn’t have an option, I only had Rasheeda, though she was naughty, she was the only friend I really had apart from that idiot Kwesi so what could I do.

I called her and since she was still in school she reached me in about ten minutes. We sat at my gate because my mom didn’t entertain visitors in our house; I wasn’t allowed to bring anyone home.

She sat on a small lovers rock positioned beside the gate with me as I told her everything that happened with Fred.

Watch this space for Episode 8 as the story unfolds……….