WHY ME? Episode 9



Wen i got der dey all stud up. Lyk children caught playin ‘Maame ne Paapa’. Prince had to lie stil as dey waited for an ambulance?.
Wen i was taken to d room wer he lay i startd singin worship songs. I tried nt to luk into Prince’s eyes cuz dey wer so full of tears. Wat I nided ryt now was faith n nt sympathy. Den i closed my eyes n startd blastin in crazy tongues.:o Samwer in de tongues speakin i heard myself say “Tsatsu Tsikata” i almost lafd bt it wudnt be appropriate?. Wen i was dan, notin had hapnd bt i was trustin God for his lyf.
Wen de ambulance came Prince told me dis “Edwin, de monkey had bin playin on a dead tree”. :oops:. Eeiii. U luk confused so lemme help u out. Prince rili lyks gals?. Nt for any gud reason. N he once told me dat it is a skill dat every guy nids to master. He compard gals to trees? n boys to monkeys?(crazy boy ryt..smh), n he said eventually evri boy is expectd to move frm gal to gal lyk monkeys swing frm tree to tree. So wat he was sayin was dat he tried his moves on a crazy or bad gal. Am sure u gt de picture. Bt wich gal wil poison a fresh boy lyk dis. N i neva new Prince was dealin wit murderers:oops:.
His mum n oda relatives joind d ambulance whiles de rest of us had to leave. I saw my church guys wit de gals standin a way off bt i didnt want to chat wit dem. I signald dem dat am goin home bt den Samuella cam ova. She told me she was sorry for being rude to me afta church bla bla bla. I told her its cul. Bsides i didnt want to talk abt any boy-gal stuff. U left politely. I got into a taxi. I was super tired. De taxi was full bt de driver was standin samwer talkin sports. I angrily cald him to cam n drive us off. I am normaly nt lyk dat bt tday has rili bin hard on me. Wen i got to my junction i searchd my pocket only to find out i had no money on me?. I had used my last money for a drop-in to wer Prince was. I told de driver i dnt hav money bt bfor i cud sort tinz out he had alightd frm de taxi n was headed my way. Tears rolld down my cheeks. I was nt sure weda i was cryin for Prince or my immediate situation.?


Watch out for episode 10. Its ur boy Eddy?