WHY ME? Episode 8



It was lyk a dream to me?. Prince was one of de guys in church that i cud call a fren. He was a bad boy, yes!! N sexually immoral but he was one of de few who knew who i truly was. I tel him stuff abt me dat i dnt tell anywan n he tels me his too. He was der wen i prayd for a cripple who got healed instantly, so now he had askd his mum to call me ova.

For abt five minutes i had forgotten abt wat dat small gal Julia has dan to me. I had to admit dis sunday was a very ugly one for me:twisted:. I decided to hurry to de hospital n go and pray for my fren. Dis was nt tym to go n fast n pray oo?. I had to trust God. N me too frm mornin i av been tinkin abt gals s)))??. Bt i encouragd myself. So i got up. Then i heard de MC sayin “clap for de youngman, very few people of his age will gv God GH¢200, God bless u”. Hw3!!?. All eyes were on me, n dey wer rili clappin??. Dis was nt awkward bt rather very very awkward?. I startd smilin n shakin☺ my head to send de mesg dat i didnt get up for de money. Den d clappin stopd. Wel i didnt care. As i walkd out of de place i saw Akosua sittin among de audience or shud i say de congregation. She signald me to wait for her outside. Wen she came she was lafin @me?. I met her jx today n she was talkin lyk weve bin frens from de maternity ward. She had a grt sense of humor too:mrgreen:. She told me her lil sis skuld here too. Hnmm. I told her samtyn had cam up n dat i had to go ASAP. Den she huggd me gud bye! As3m koraa ni :oops::oops:. I dnt hug gals. Yeah i no its strange tho. The reason is simple, d first tym i hugd a gal she had safety pin holdin her bra n it piercd my chest. So i decided nt to hug any gal seein dat nowadays gals r piercin deir navels. Who nos wen i wl hug samwan n a navel ring wil pierce my stomach lyk a sword. So am cautious.?. As i walkd away i had anada call to confirm de urgency. I tuk a drop-in wit my last rasta coins to wer Prince was. Wen i got der sam people frm church wer alredi der. They wer; Eugene, Gilbert, Samuella?, Dora:oops: n Philip?. Now i was wonderin wat kind of prayer i was gonna pray n how:?.

Watch out for episode 9. Its ur boy Eddy?