WHY ME? Episode 7




I ended de conversation wit Akosua as if nothin was wrong?. Wen she enterd her house i ran afta my sister, callin her to pls wait for me??. Dis sunday had been a very bad one n i was nt gonna let it gt any worse.
I kept yellin til she waited. Wen i got to her i new frm her face ? dat she wont jx let it go. Bt i stil begd her not to tel mum wat she saw. She askd me “wat wil i gt in return”.:?. So i promised her a sachet of powderd milk n She told me she was not a child. Eiii?. So i askd wat she wants den, bt she said she wants nothing bcos i am a bad boy n she has to help me. Hw3 nea okyer3?! I begd her to say samtyn, den she said i shud go to PTA meetin for her. Oh no?! I hated goin to her skul for PTA meetings. Her skul is d only one of its kind dat is so spiritual dat dey do praise n worship durin PTA meetin n aftawards fundraisin?.
They make d fundraisin luk lyk its for d wrk of God bt its actually for dat oldman sittin on d high table who kips smilin??. N morova, der r lots of fresh gals who also attend PTA meetins for deir siblings. It feels awkward wen am der n de MC calls for an amount of money as low as ¢2 n i dnt get up. So dats y i dnt lyk goin to her PTA meetins. Bt today i had no choice❌, i was d beggar here. Dis was pure blackmailin n she was gud at it. It was nt strange cux i did dat to my big brada too. So we made an agreement n made up a story. Remba i told yu abt our house help? Yh, he had been out since mornin n was now returnin. His name is Ranger n he’s my dog. So my sis only has to confirm dat i was lukin for Ranger. Wen we got home my sis did so well dat i marveld at her deceptive creativity. If nt dat she was a gal u wud tink my mum gave birth to me agn. I also waitd for a while n den told my mum i was goin to my lil sistas PTA. So i left. Wen i got there n was seated i tuk out my fon as usual n der it was!!? My lil sista Julia had blown my cover n told my mum everytyn. I recivd dis mesg frm Sasha also my lil sis bt older dan Julia. Eeiii dis Julia gal is too much?. This was wickd n unfair. Den i got a call frm an unknown numba. Wen i ansad it was d mum of my fren Prince. N she was beggin me to come to de Ga South Municipal Hospital immediately bcos Prince was dyin.?. Wat was happnin? She told me he had bin poisoned. What???:oops:


Watch out for episode 8. Its ur boy Eddy?