WHY ME? Episode 6



Wen my mum saw Philip she allowd me to walk away. So i tuk him to my room n tried to xplain wat was wrng wit his laptop to him. I said ” ur graphix card has synchronised wit de central media card so d RAM is findin it difficult to process info”. He lukd sad:(. Den i told him i cn howeva fix it bt it wont be tday cus i didnt xpect dat to b d prob. Den he startd smilin.?. He bought de lie, i didnt even undrstand wat i said bt he kept noddin his head all d while as if i was sayin samtyn he understands?. Samtyms dat guy freaks me out:oops:. So now dat i was totally dan lyin to him, i decided to see him off. I walkd him to d junction n wen he had left wit a taxi i decidd to sit under a shade nearby n ponder ova sam tyns.
It was as tho de whole world was on my shoulder. Frm a distance i saw a woman wit sam heavy luggage approachin so i walkd ova to lend her a hand. Wen i did she was very happy, n i was happy i was doin gud:). As we walkd towards her destination she engaged me in a chat. It was not borin tho bt de fact dat she walkd slow n i seemd to be carryin two cement blocks in a polythene bored me?.
She was sayin dat yungmen lyk me r very hard to come by (duuhh? ikr). N dat began anada lecture on “d yut of today”:?. I managd to find a way in d conversation to invite her to church since she didnt luk lyk samwan frm church. She told me she is a Roman Catholic bt she cudnt go to church tday bcos d provision shop didnt open early :oops::oops:. I was tinkin she wil say ECG koraa. Hw wierd??”Howeva”, she added ” i av a daughter n i want u to take her to ur church”. Hw3?… Daugh wat?? I was nt ready 4 any gal stuff koraa. Bt lyk we say in church ‘a soul is a soul n is precious to God’. Wen we got to d entrance she cald out her daughter. She livd jx sam few houses away frm my place bt on a diff lane. She introducd me to her daughter. Her name was Akosua;). Wen we shuk hands she tickld my palm wit her finger. Eeiiii den as3m koraa ni! N she wasnt shy at all! I was dumbfounded. I tink she did me juju. I was lukin at her:oops: gbayaaa!  I invitd her to our yut conference. She told me to pass by her place wen goin on dat day n gv her a call. Well!;). So she askd for my contact. Jx wen we wer xchangin contacts i saw my lil sis lukin at me frm a distance?. Apparently she was sent to cam n see wats bin kipin me for so long. I had no idea how long she had been standin der bt i certainly new i was super doomed!!?

Watch out for episode 7. Its ur boy Eddy?