Whatever It Takes- Episode 60


Mr. Fiagbe felt so helpless. His whole life was crashing down around him and all he could do was watch helplessly. Elorm came to the living-room just as his Mom and Yayra opened the door to get out. “Aren’t you going to stop her? Are you going to stand there without doing anything? We can’t let her go. Please say something! Do something!” Mr. Fiagbe whined. Elorm shrugged and looked on. The way things were he knew there was nothing he could do or say. His Mom was furious and, if he tried anything, he was sure things would rather get out of hand. He also did not want to be seen as taking sides so he folded his arms and watched as his Mom and sister walked out the door. He was sad things had gotten this far. Mrs. Fiagbe put Yayra in the back seat and made sure her seat belt was on. She got into the car and sped off without a second thought. The gateman was surprised to see her drive like that. Mr. Fiagbe rushed inside for his car key and hurried off in his car in a chase but by the time he got out of the gate his wife was long gone. He drove around a bit to see if he could locate her. She was nowhere to be found.

“Damn it. Where did she go? Maybe she’s going to the Amegashies.” he said to himself. He changed course and headed for the Amegashies. It suddenly dawned on him that he did not know any of his wife’s friends. He only knew about Mrs. Amegashie. He prayed that she would go there. He parked his car outside the gate and used the small entrance to the house. Mr. and Mrs. Amegashie were on the balcony reading newspapers. Mr. Amegashie got to his feet when he saw his friend walk in. He was surprised to see him because it had been a while since they last met. Their last encounter on Esenam had not been pleasant and they had both stayed clear of each other ever since.

“Hello, Alfred.”

“Where is she? Where is my wife?” Mr. Fiagbe thundered.

“What are you talking about?” Mr. Amegashie asked and looked in his wife’s direction.

“She left the house some minutes ago and I thought she’d be here. She’s left me.”

“What? You don’t mean it.” Mrs. Amegashie retorted.

“Alfred, I think you should sit down and tell us exactly what happened.” Mr. Amegashie led him to a chair and walked over to the bar in the corner. He took a bottle of gin and two glasses and set it on the table before them. He poured a quarter glass full for his friend.

“I think you should take it; it would calm your nerves.”

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“No, I don’t need that. I need my Sylvia. Are you saying she is not here?” Mr. Fiagbe asked confused.

“No. As a matter of fact, I’ve not seen your wife for some time now. What exactly happened?”

‘It’s all her fault. Esenam has succeeded in separating us. Charles, our friend, came to the house early this morning with some family members. They came to ask for Esenam’s hand in marriage for his nephew and I said something, I don’t remember exactly what I said but I think I said Esenam wasn’t my daughter and that they were talking to the wrong person. Sylvia took offence and said I have accused her of infidelity before third parties. She packed a few things and took Yayra with her. I thought she’d be here that’s why I came. God, where can she be? I’ve got to find them. I need them.” There was a long silence after Mr. Fiagbe’s explanation. Mrs. Amegashie thought her friend did the right thing for a change. She had never liked the autocratic nature of Alfred. He was too selfish for her liking.

“I take it you didn’t know Esenam was getting married.” Mr. Fiagbe stated.

“Well, Esenam was here to tell us. Akwasi didn’t take it very well, he didn’t say a thing to us about it but we saw him talking privately with Esenam and he seemed angry. He left for town shortly afterwards and came very late. I think he needs time to get used to the idea.” Mr. Amegashie explained.

“How can she hurt the poor boy so much when all he’s ever done is to love and respect her?” Mr. Fiagbe lamented.

“Alfred, we can’t force them to marry just because that is what we want. I blame Akwasi for all this. Esenam is a sweet girl and when I saw her yesterday, I think I understood her better. She didn’t love my son enough. That hurts but their happiness is more important to me. I hold no grudges against her. We’ve decided to go to her wedding to support her.”

“What? Are you out of your senses? Well, if you are happy she’s hurting your son, I’m not. At least your son needs your support.”

“As I said, Akwasi is partly responsible for the break up. If only he’d been more supportive and shown a little respect to what she wanted, who knows, maybe they would still be together. We can’t cry over spilt milk.” Mr. Fiagbe was not listening to his friend. He wanted to find his wife so badly. He asked Mrs. Amegashie if she knew where he might find her but she said she did not know. She suggested he found Esenam, maybe she would know where her Mom would go.

Mr. Fiagbe was too proud to seek Esenam out. He left the Amegashies with the hope that Elorm would know where his Mom went. He called him on his way home but Elorm insisted he had no idea where his Mom and sister went. Mr. Fiagbe was not comfortable enquiring about Esenam’s residence so he did not. He thought of Esenam as the last option for information.

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