My Celebrity Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 40


I couldn’t think what was happening straight. This call from Ruth is definitely not welcomed by me at all. Is it not better I move over to Stephanie’s house and finds out if she is guienely happy or sad about her engagement with James.

I thought as I stood up, took my car keys and went out.

I knew this girl wouldn’t be trusted. She is just a cheap slot trying to set me and my family against each other.

Before anyone could blink twice, I flew through the air like a tiny sparrow flying after it’s life.




I quickly gave her three hot slaps and tore her cloth before Idris could intervene.

Idris: steph what are you doing? I thought you promised not to do anything stupid.

Me: shut up Idris or whatever you call yourself. So you and this cheap slot ganged up to destroy my family right. It shall never be well for both of you.

Idris: it is not like that stephanie but I see sense in what she is saying.

Me: shut up!!! You see sense in what? How can you treat my junior sister who have been nice to you in such a manner. Ahh, this truly proves that you have no heart at all, no iota of human sympathy.

Idris: *talking to Ruth* please don’t be angry. That’s how she behaves when she gets angry.

Ruth: *crying* I have had enough. You think your sister is a saint? I just pity you. You better watch out or be fooled for the rest of your life.

The useless girl said and stormed out. D–n, this is all Idris fault. I mean he allowed this girl to go Scot free.

I really regretted this, I would have given her the beaten of her life.

Me: now you get out!!!!!!

Idris: *coming closer to me* you mean me?

Me: yes.

I said looking at another direction. He held my too hands and I was forced to look him in his eyes.

Idris: don’t be angry at me my love. I want you to know that whatever I am doing now is for the both of us. I want to spend my entire life with you and someone out there is trying to ruin our relationship.

Me: and you think that someone is my sister right? My little sister?

Idris: not so but Ruth was actually the gi……

Me: can you just leave me alone. Go please. I want to stay alone in other to think things through.

Idris: so you are indirectly asking me to leave your house?

Me: yes Idris. Just leave please.

Idris: *shrugged* well you know where to get me if you need me..

He said and walked out of my house. I slumped into a chair as tears began to run down from my eyes again. I have a feeling that today is going to be bad, very very bad for me!!

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I heard my door bell rings, who could be that? I hope its not Idris oo. I thought as I got to the door and opened it.

Miracle: *grinning* Hi sis!

Me: *trying to put on a smile* hi baby.

I said and gave a hug before I drew her inside the house.

Me: what am I going to offer you?

Miracle: never mind, I can find my way to the kitchen.

She said but before she could stand up, my phone rang. I quickly picked it.

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Me: good day sir!

It was my boss calling me..

Boss: *************

Me: yes sir

Boss: *************

Me: ok sir, I can do it. It’s very easy.

Boss: **************

Me: ok sir, I am on my way.

I said and ended the call.

Miracle: where are you going to?

Me: I have something to do at work I will be back soon.

I said as I took my keys and dashed out. Miracle just went to the kitchen and prepared herself something to eat.
I drove out of my apartment and hadn’t gone far when I realised I forgot something. I quickly reversed my car and went home.

On reaching my house, there was no need to enter inside with my car because am in a haste so I just park my car outside and the gateman opened the little gate for me to pass through.

Gateman: madam you don come?

Me: no I am going.

I replied in opposite to his useless question. On reaching to my doorstep, I heard Miracle’s voice. She was engaged on phone conversation with someone. I never knew what made me stop but I was so curious to listen to them.

Miracle: *from inside, my room* hello James!!!!!!
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