My Celebrity Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 39


Me: ok. I know you won’t believe me easily. I am going to call her only on one condition.

Stephanie: which is?

Me: you are going to promise me that you won’t do anything funny?

Stephanie: ok.

Me: I am not satisfied with this your okay. This thing we are doing should be totally kept a secret between us. If you expose it now, you will spoil our plans.

Stephanie: ok I promise not to do anything stupid.

Me: better!!

I said as I brought out my phone and called Ruth.

Me: hello Ruth.

I said Immediately she picked up the phone.

Ruth: hello, please who are you?

Me: Idris. The guy that stroke a deal with you earlier this morning.

Ruth: ok, how can I be of help to you?

Me: I want you to come exactly to the address I am going to send you now.

Ruth: what is the matter again?

Me: nothing, believe me it’s nothing. Just take a taxi to the address I will text you right now.

Ruth: ok, no problem I will be there very soon.

I was anxious to set my eyes on that b—h that called herself Ruth. I kept looking through the window to see if I could sight her but there was no sign of her.

Just then, I heard the sound of the gate being opened and I peeped through the window one more time to see my gateman talking to another girl behind the gate.

I took my phone and called him.

Me: let her in.

I said and ended the call without waiting for his reply. Idris simply sat down with a worried look on his face. I guess he is afraid of me doing anything stupid at the presence of the girl.
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Ruth walked inside the sitting room and I gasped. She was exactly the same girl that did that rubbish the other day. I guess her spirit is really troubling her as she can’t look me straight in the face.

Idris quickly sat up and approached her in other to make her feel less tensed.

Idris: please do have a seat.

Ruth: thank you. Good day ma.

Me: *silent*

Idris: Steph!!

Me: *unwillingly* your are welcome.

Idris: so Ruth, I assume you know Stephanie and Steph, this is the girl that Miracle payed to set me up.

Me: you do know you will spend the rest of your life in jail if I finds out that all what you said against my sister is a lie?

Ruth: yes ma. She truly is the one that payed me to frame Idris.

Me: get me your phone.

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She simply gave me her phone. I checked her airtime balance and found out that it was very low. I quick transferred one thousand five hundred naira recharge card to her and typed Miracle’s number before giving her back her phone.

Me: you are going to call her and then you guys will discuss about everything that happened that day. Also your phone is going to be on loud speaker so that we can hear your conversations. Is that clear?

Ruth: yes ma.

The terrified girl said as she dialed the number.

Ruth: he..hello

she stammered immediately the call was answered by miracle.

Miracle: hello Ruth, what’s up.

Ruth: miracle. Erm nice plan.

Miracle: what plan?

Ruth: hahaha, the plan we used in setting up Idris?

Miracle: what are you saying Ruth?

Ruth: haba have you forgotten the way we set up Idris?

Miracle: please I don’t know what you are saying good bye!

And the line went dead.

I was sitting in my house when I received a phone call from Ruth. Her demand was unreasonable. Is she trying to set me up? Why is she asking me about something that happened a long time ago.

Her voice was even shaking. Who knows, she might be under oppression or she is trying to record my voice in other to blackmail me.

D–n, I can’t think straight for now but the best thing to do is to deny that prostitute. She can be very unpredictable atimes.
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