Whatever It Takes-Episode 50


Esenam was aware her nerves were on a short fuse. She was not herself. She was desperate to find Boat. She stared at her phone and wondered where Boat could be. She wanted so much to know what he was thinking and doing. She imagined he was with someone else and she found her heart tearing up inside just at the thought. Her phone rang again.

“Hello.” She yelled into the microphone.

“Hi sis, what’s up with you? Do you want to chew me through the phone or what?”

“Hi, Elorm. Sorry I yelled at you.”

“That’s okay, do you want to talk about whatever is eating you up?”

“No, it’s one of those days, I feel a bit unsettled that’s all. So, to what do I owe this call?”

“I called to say I’ve missed you.”

“Mmmm, that’s good to know. Hope everyone is doing well.”

“Dad is boring as usual, Mom is okay, Yayra is nosier than ever and I, the great one, am simply great though a little worried. You sounded like you wanted to kill someone a few minutes ago. What’s eating you up, Sis?”

“Nothing really. I just have too much on my mind, that’s all. I’m fine really.”

“If that Boat guy is giving you problems you better tell me so that I can knock some sense into his head or better still kick his balls for you.”

“Hey, take it easy will you? I said I’m fine.”

“Anyway, Mom asked me to ask you and Boat to dinner tonight. Dad is traveling to his hometown this afternoon.”

“I knew it! My younger brother never calls unless something is up. Tell Mom we can’t make it tonight.”

“But Esenam, you know that will break her heart.”

“Yes I know but I can’t help it. Boat is not back from his trip yet and I’m very tired as it is. Please tell her I’m sorry.”

“When did Boat travel?”

“He’s been out of town the whole week.”

“Esenam, I don’t want to call you a liar but I saw Boat last night. He gave me a lift home. His ride is really massive. I must say that he didn’t say much on the way. He looked a little bashed to me. I could see he was either angry or hurting. If he’s taking you for granted you better tell me so that I track him down and deal with him. Thats what brothers are for, you know.”

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“Elorm, I’ve told you what I know. Please tell Mom not to expect us for dinner. I’ve got to go. I’m kind of tired.”

“I get it; my big sis doesn’t want to talk about whatever is eating her up. Take care.” Esenam was angry now. Why on earth was Boat being so childish about the whole unfortunate scene? She would have loved it if he had confronted her with it. She would not mind seeing him angry or hurt but she needed him to talk about it. Was he going to run whenever there was a problem between them? Did he think vanishing into thin air solved anything?

She got up from the stair, took a long look around and headed home with a heavy heart. She realized too late how silly her action was. Why on earth did she allow Akwasi into her home? How did he even know where to find her? These and many questions ran through her mind as she waited by the road side for a taxi. She prayed she would see Boat at Church the next day if all her attempts to get to him failed.

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To be continued …