My Celebrity Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 30



Police: yeye man, oya stand up make you commot from here.

Wow, Miracle really kept to her word. I really owe her one. I stood up and left the horrible place. They gave me my clothes and I wore them, I checked my wallet and could not find my money but thank God that my ATM card was still inside.

The first breath of air I took outside the police station was relaxing, comforting and free. To be in police custody is the worst punishment I have ever encountered so far. I really do pity those who have been there for a long time and those who were given LIFE IMPRISONMENT as a punishment for their crime.

I took a bike to a nearby ATM machine where I withdrew some money, climbed the same bike and went to a well known clinic around town.

I paid the bike man and entered inside the clinic. There, my wounds were treated and I bought some drugs before I came out and took another bike to Samuel’s house.

*Knock* *knock*
I knocked on the door and Samuel shouted from inside.

Samuel: who dey deir?

Me: na police!

Samuel: Idris!!!!!!

He shouted as he ran outside and opened the door. He then gave me a tight brotherly hug.

Mum: Idris, na you.

She shouted as she came outside too.

Me: mama na me oh.

I said and she also gave me a motherly hug. We all entered inside and I was happy to be reunited with the people that mattered most to me, my mother and best friend Samuel.

Mum: who come later bail you?

She asked after giving me some water to drink.

Me: na Miracle oo. The girl been don promise me say I no go spend this night for that Police station.

Mum: eyaa. That girl get good heart o. Unlike her sister and family wey dey very wicked, I really like her. She do well for you.

Samuel: and Stephanie, what about her?

Me: my brother forget about that girl jare. She know say I dey police station but she no visit me.. Instead she dey flex her life with that useless boy, James!

Samuel: na wow o, so Stephanie go fit do you like this?

Mum: abeg make una forget about this Stephanie of a thing. My pikin, about that your wife matter. You go still like make I choose another girl for you or you go go village go select girl by yourself.

I smiled, that’s why I like my mum. She knows the right things to be done. I should be the one to select my wife not her doing it for me..

Me: no worry Mama. before this month go finish, I go come meet una for village come select wife. Shey you dey happy now?

Mum: *smile* why not. Just forget about Stephanie. The same thing wey she get na him other girls get too so just forget about her.

Me: ok mama. I don hear you. Make I go sleep for now.

I stood up and find my way to the bed. I am tired and I am really in need of rest.

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I got to the police station and parked my car as I walked inside.

Me: good day sir.

I greeted a sergeant who was on duty.

Sergeant: good day ma, how can I be of help to you?

Me: please I would like to see Idris, the person you guys arrested yesterday.

Sergeant: oh sorry about that but he has been realised. He went out a few hours ago.

Me: d–n!!

I said. Now it is going to be like I didn’t care to visit him at all.

I just sighed in disappointment as I opened my handbag and gave the policeman some money for his useful information.

I got to my car and entered inside. I am going to drive over to Samuel’s house. I know for sure he will be there because he have nowhere else to go.

Oh my God, why did I even collect the house from him. I know I saw him cheating on me but I acted so childish. I shouldn’t have done that. We should have resolved everything as an adult that we are.

Now my foolish actions have landed him to jail. Who knows, he might really be walking out of this relationship.
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