My Celebrity Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 29


After reading the letter, I was confused, surprised and angry. Could it be that he didn’t truly love me? I cross checked the handwriting and something looks fishy about it. The handwriting did not appear to be his neither did it look like Miracle’s handwriting. I am certain this handwriting is his. who knows, maybe too much beating inside the cell have changed his handwriting. Well if he is going to walk out of our relationship, he is going to tell me straight in my face not through any d–n letter.

I entered inside my car and drove off to the police station.

I walked inside our house and saw James looking so angry.

Me: what’s wrong James?

James: can’t you see she don’t love me? we have successfully separated them but the problem now is how will I get her to love me?

Me: that’s very easy. After she finish reading the letter Idris gave me to give to her, she will hate him.

James: you mean Idris wrote a letter to Steph that he is walking out of their relationship?

Me: hahaha, no. Actually it was the opposite but I changed the content of the letter.

James: how? You are eventually busted because she will know the difference in the handwritings.

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Me: am not that stupid you know, I didn’t use my handwriting on the second paper I gave to her. I have to look for somebody who’s handwriting resembles that of Idris to write the second letter. The person’s handwriting is just like Idris and she have no option than to believe because she will think that the suffering he has encountered inside the cell could not make him to write straight.

James: that is very wise of you but don’t you think they will eventually find out everything someday. You know she has not sacked him. He is still her PA and through work, they will get closer again.

Me: ‘mtcheeew’ that won’t happen at all.

James: why did you say so?

Me: since she chased him out of the house due to anger, he will believe that she has also sacked him. All I need to do is to get him another Job before he realise that she did not sack him. I will also have to twist some truth a little and everything will be settled.

James: wow, I never knew you were these intelligent. But what if everything you have planned for fails, wouldn’t you be busted?

Me: hahaha. if everything fails, I will just have to use the ULTIMATE WEAPON I just got.

James: you mean you have something that will make Idris to marry you despite the fact that your father and mother will be against the marriage?

Me: yes absolutely!

James: d–n, then I need your help. You are the master planner. What will I do to get closer to Steph?

Me: *think for a while*

Me: yes, but it requires money. Alot of money, are you in or out?

James: *with a cute smile* I am in.
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