Whatever It Takes-Episode 49


Akwasi and Esenam were lost in their own thoughts for a while after that. Esenam’s eyes fell on the wall clock and she realized quite suddenly that it was almost ten in the night.

“It’s late, Akwasi. I think you should leave now.”

“I think you are right. It’s about time I left. Can you promise me you hold no grudges against me and we could still be friends?”

“I promise.”

“Okay, show me that you hold no grudges against me and that you don’t hate me by giving me a friendly hug, please?” Esenam deliberated on the request for a while. She thought a hug would not hurt anyone.

“Alright. I must warn you not to pull any silly pranks, though. That would cancel the truce.” Esenam walked over and hugged him. Akwasi held on tight. He had really missed holding her close even if it was just to smell her unique perfume. He is aware he messed up and his little angel was lost to him forever, yet a part of him was still in denial. Meanwhile Boat, who was driving a posh BMW, had pulled up a few meters from Esenam’s apartment with a smile on his face. He got down and hurried to the door. He had two surprises for Esenam and he thought it was best he sneaked up on her to make it more effective. He turned the door handle and was grateful it was not locked. He entered and stopped dead in his tracks. Right before his eyes was his queen in the arms of her ex-boyfriend. Esenam’s back was to him, and she did not see him, but Akwasi, seeing how shocked Boat looked, felt the urge to make things even worse. He pulled Esenam closer, tightened his grip on her waist and planted a kiss on both cheeks. He cupped Esenam’s head, making it impossible for her to break away.

“Thank you, my love, for a wonderful evening. I know this is the beginning of better things ahead.” He said and looked in Boat’s direction triumphantly, an act that alerted Esenam to the fact that they had company. Esenam turned and saw a shock-stricken Boat standing in the doorway with his hand still on the door handle. She broke free from Akwasi who struggled to keep his grip on her and run to embrace Boat.

He avoided her. With a long judgemental look at her and without uttering a word Boat rushed out, slamming the door behind him. Esenam run after him.

“Boat! Please Boat wait. It’s not what you’re thinking. Please wait.” Boat rushed on not heeding her calls. He got to his car, unlocked it hurriedly, got in and sped away, leaving Esenam standing inches away in the street staring after him. Akwasi who had also come out smiled triumphantly at her.

“What was the meaning of all that, Akwasi? Why in heaven’s name did you do that?”

“The answer is simple, Esenam. You are mine. If I can’t have you no one else can. Let’s see how much your Prince Charming loves you.” Akwasi said, turned began walking to his car which he had intentionally parked several blocks from Esenam’s house. Esenam realized too late that Akwasi had played a very expensive joke on her. She wondered how she was going to convince Boat that nothing happened between them. She walked dejectedly into her apartment and sat in the sofa with hot tears streaming down her cheeks. She wondered why Akwasi should pull something like that on her.

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She was convinced Akwasi never loved her. When she was a bit calmer she picked her phone and called Boat. The call went unanswered. She waited a while and called again, still no response. She looked at her watch and shook her head. It was past eleven. She wanted to go after Boat but it was late and dangerous. She waited for over an hour just to give Boat enough time to get home and called the house number. The phone rang unanswered.

“Damn you Akwasi, damn you. I hate you for doing this to me.” Early the next morning, Esenam was at Boat’s door. She needed to make peace with him so her poor heart would find some relief. She felt helpless without him. She was heartbroken and she knew Boat felt worse under the circumstances. She should never have believed Akwasi when he started acting nice. She should not have let him into her house in the first place. It was her fault she was suffering. She had acted naively by trusting Akwasi.

She rang the doorbell and waited, nothing happened. She called Boat on the phone, there was no response. She sat dejectedly on the stairs to Boat’s house with her chin in her hand very depressed. She looked for a way to get to Boat and realized she did not have any. She knew his best friend Reggie but sadly she did not have his number or know where he lived. She did not want to go to his mother’s to look for him and it would be awkward to go alone on the pretext she was paying a courtesy call looking at the time and the fact that she had never gone to Boat’s mother without him. Her phone rang. She picked it hurriedly.

“Princess, you promised to call me first thing today, remember?”

“Yes I do. I was just about to call you.”

“Are you alright, Esenam? You sound a bit off.”

“Yes, I am fine.”

“You sound too down for my liking, as if something is troubling you.”

“Everything is just fine.”

“Does that mean I’ll get to see you and Boat tonight?”

“No, we can’t make it to your place tonight. Something came up that needs my urgent attention. I’m sorry, Naana. Have a wonderful time with Eddy. You two deserve some quality time alone.”

“No, Esenam, you can’t do this to me. Can you come over briefly? There is something I need your opinion on?”

“Naana, I can’t come to your place today. Can’t whatever you want wait? I really have to go now. I’ll see you later.”

“What’s the matter with you, ah? Whatever it is that is tearing you up like that, deal with it quickly before it kills you and ruin your relationship with others.” Naana shot back and hung up before Esenam could say anything more.

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