Whatever It Takes-Episode 47


The weekend went by quickly. Boat left after Church service on Sunday. Esenam dreaded the days ahead without him because his absence made her feel totally lost. She filled her time with work. She knew she had fallen too deeply in the love nest as far as Boat was concerned. Thankfully, there was work that would keep her a little busy. She was learning so many things in such a short time.

Esenam was behind her desk one of those days when she dreaded going home because thoughts of Boat were going to fill her up and make her sad and lonely. A colleague walked up to her. He was on his way home and was surprised to see her still busy behind her desk.

“Hey lady, you work too much. Don’t you have anywhere to go?” Nii Armah asked.

“As a matter of fact, I don’t.”

“May I take you out then? I can give you a really good time. They don’t call me the ‘Ladies Man’ for nothing, you know.”

“No, thank you. I’m trying to get some work done, please.”

“On a Friday night? You are very pathetic. Get a life, will you?” Esenam decided to ignore him. There was no reason to argue with him or encourage him. She would never go out with him even if he was the last man on planet earth.

‘Esenam, take a look at yourself. You are very beautiful and smart. Many men would kill to have a woman like you by their side. I want you to give me the chance to love you. Let me treat you like the princess you are. You deserve that at least.”

“I thought I said I was working.” She replied, a little angry.

“Look Esenam, stop living like a nun and give some of us the chance to show you how sweet it is to be loved. I want to know how it would feel like to be in bed with you making passionate love to you. I want to wake ……..” Esenam was saved by the ringing of her phone. She was fuming with so much anger at the obnoxious human being standing in front of her and acting like he was God’s gift to women. She was very close to losing her temper. She picked up the call and breathed heavily to calm her anger.

“Hello, Naana.”

“Hello Princess. How are you?”

“Fine, by His Grace. You sound very excited, what’s up?”

“Let’s just say it’s a beautiful day. I called to ask you and Boat to join us for dinner at my place tomorrow evening. There is something I want you two to see.”

“I’ll have to check with Boat when he arrives. I’ll get back to you on that one. I’m puzzled though, what is it that you want us to see, can’t you just give me a little hint?”

“Mm, I’ll give you one chance to guess.”

“Oh please don’t torment me; you know I’m not good at guessing.”

“Okay, it’s something a man gives to a woman to show his love and intentions.”

“Is this what I think it is, Naana? Is it an engage…?”

“Yes, Yes, Yes. Eddy asked me to marry him and he gave me this beautiful ring I want everyone to see but I want you two to see it first.” Naana said, very excited.

“Wow, congratulations. I’m so happy for you Naana. I know Boat would be thrilled too.”

“I don’t want him to know, I want him to see it, please.”

“Okay Naana, whatever you want. I promise I won’t say a thing.” Nii Armah was angry Esenam had completely ignored him. He did not like the fact that she was going on as if he was not there. He cleared his throat and asked if she was coming with him or not. Esenam signaled for him to wait.

“Hey, are you still at the workplace?”

“It’s so lonely at my place. Boat told me he’d call to let me know if he’d be coming today but he hasn’t, so I’ll take it he’s not coming. But I won’t be here for too long. There was this schedule I didn’t want to come back to on Monday so I was trying to get it out of the way.”

“Well, you shouldn’t work too late, there are bad guys out there these days whose only aim in life is to hurt woman in any way they can.”

“Talking of bad guys, I guess I know exactly what you mean. I think I’m staring at one right now. I’m leaving for the house right away. I’ll call tomorrow morning to confirm or otherwise. Bye”

“Good night, Esenam”

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Nii Armah was still waiting. She told him she was not one of his ladies and she was not going anywhere with him. She asked him politely to stop asking her out because she did not do those things.

She picked up her bag and walked past him into the streets. She picked a taxi and was soon at her apartment. She unlocked her door and entered her haven which at the moment looked like a deserted house. She missed Boat so much.

She slammed dejectedly into her sofa. She wondered why she had not heard from Boat the whole day. She called him several times but he had not answered or returned her calls. She was both angry and worried. She thought she had to occupy herself with something or she was going to go crazy. She switched on the TV and changed the channels one after the other without settling on anything. She rested her head at the back of the sofa. Tears formed in her eyes. Her thoughts were filled with many questions. Why was love so complicated for her? Why was Boat being insensitive towards her. Did something bad happen to him? The thought of something bad happening to him sent chills down her spine. She could not imagine living without him.

She went down memory lane and remembered their first kiss which happened at the beach under a coconut tree. It wasn’t a deep kiss or anything but she liked it. They were both focused on keeping themselves till marriage so they have set their limits. She was proud of the fact that they had not even once overstepped their boundaries. She remembered the fun she had when Boat took her to the zoo and forced her to get over her fear for lions by feeding one. She also recalled going to the barber shop with him and pretending she was going to cut her hair. Boat was already seated in front of the mirror and was having his hair cut. Esenam moved to the other chair and asked the barber to cut hers too. Boat flashed like lightening and pulled her off the seat and told her she should never think of doing that because he loved her hair.

She reminisced on the day they dined at Boat’s house. The setting was so romantic she was very touched. Boat danced with her that night. She loved every minute she spent with him. There had not been one moment they had argued or anything. The sound of the doorbell broke into her reveries. She got up hurriedly and answered hoping it was her love at the door.

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