My Celebrity Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 27



Life inside the cell is like living in hell. You have little or no time to do anything at all. Even to cry self is a problem, they won’t give me enough time to cry.

Policeman: hey you!!! Them dey look for you again o.

The useless policeman shouted again. I knew if I don’t obey, he would kick me again so without wasting any time, I stood up and followed him.

He took me to the same room where I met Miracle earlier and this time around, it was my mother and Samuel that came visiting me.

Immediately I saw the look on my mother’s face, I swore to marry any girl of her choice immediately I come out of here alive. Her eyes were all swollen and red and I knew she must have been crying for me since. This is one woman I truly love, the one that brought me to this cruel world. I have made her suffer alot and now, I am going to make it up to her in any way that she wants.

More tears came to her eyes as she saw me looking very dejected and weak. My heart was weak before but now, it is weaker.

Me: stop crying mum.

Mum: why you go say so. You see say this girl won kill you. From hospital to police station. Who knows wether the next to come na mortuary.

Me: *silent*

Samuel: you go fit remember that Ruth, the girl wey set you up. You fit remember her face?

Me: *nodded in the negative*

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Samuel: why now. I believe say if we fit catch that girl, we go fit get hidden information wey go help you redeem your relationship with stephanie.

Me: na wetin I no want hear again, Stephanie. No just call her name near me. She don dump me go for another guy. I was the fool here but not anymore. Mama!

I called out to my mum.

Mum: yes my son!

Me: go prepare girl for me to marry abeg. Immediately I come out from here, I want settle down with another woman and from now till infinity, Stephanie na past tense for my life.

My mum hugged me as tears of Joy flowed from her eyes. I knew this is what will make the old woman happy and I am ready to do it for her. I don’t want her to develop a BP over my case.

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Mum: good boy! God go bless you. I go go arrange one good better and nice girl for you. Remember, rich girls dey marry rich boys likewise the poor. Who knows, maybe if you marry her she go dey treat you like houseboy.

Yeah, my old woman is right. She might turn me into a houseboy someday.

Me: close your mouth before fly enter abeg.

I said to Samuel who was looking me with his mouth wide open.

Samuel: wait o, na Idris dey talk abi na ghost.

He shouted.

Samuel: a whole you won leave Stephanie. End time news oo. The world don dey end.

I smiled. If to say na him dey this cell where I dey enh, only bad odour go block your brain you go forget the history of your life.

Mum: Samuel! Samuel!! Samuel!!!

Samuel: Ma

Mum: shut up o. Now wey Idris don talk better thing you want go spoil show. You better shut up o.

Policeman: time don do o.

The policeman said. I hugged my mum and Samuel before going back to my cell. Despite my situation, I was happy because I just made my mum happy too.
Oh God, see me through!
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