My Celebrity Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 26


I don’t just know what happened to me but all I could remember was that, I woke up the next morning with pain all over my body.

My body was d–n weak, I couldn’t talk neither could I move. Just then, a policeman entered Inside the cell.

Policeman: hey you stand up. Them dey look for you.

I guess he mesnt me but I was too weak to stand up or to move. He came inside the cell and kicked me hard against my stomach with his heavy booth.

Policeman: no be you I dey talk to? Idiot. Na so una go dey do. Like say na me tell you to go offend rich man. You no even think say your foolish action go land you here.

He said as he raised me up and assisted me to another room where two chairs and a table was kept.

He sat me down on one chair, I looked up and saw miracle sitting on the other chair. Immediately she saw me looking so helpless and dejected, she started crying.

Me: *girls and their cry cry enh?* why are you crying na?

I asked as I managed to smile a little bit through my wounded lips.

Miracle: I am very sorry.

Was all she said before she came closer to me, held my face with her hand and more tears were rolling down from my eyes .

Miracle: I didn’t know its going to go like this but I swear, you are not going to spend another night here.

Now I am even more confused, first she is sorry and now, she didn’t know it was going to go like this. This big men children self, they sabi use English turn people head well well.

Me: I am okay, please stop crying.

Miracle: is this what you call love, the girl you claim you love is at home romancing James while you are here suffering and taking all the blame.

Now my vision is blurry and I think am going to cry.

Miracle: right now as I am talking to you, they are enjoying themselves. Feeding and kissing each other. I even heard my dad talking about marriage and if I am right, he meant James and Stephanie should be wedded because they are perfect couple.

Now I was fighting hard to hold back the tears.

Me: what of my loads and bags?

I said trying to change the topic. How can I be suffering and the girl I claim to love does not give a d–n.

Miracle: I took them over Samuel’s house with my car.

Me: thank you very much. Do you have a pen and paper there with you?

Miracle: yes.

Me: help me with it please.

She gave me and I quickly wrote a short letter to Stephanie indicating that all she heard about me was lies, I am not cheating on her and she should please visit me. I gave the letter to Miracle Immediately I was through.

Me: please give this to Stephanie.

Miracle: no problem.
She collected it and put it in her bag. Thank God that her sister was by myside. She knew I am not cheating on Stephanie and may be through her, me and stephanie might resolve our issues.

Policeman: time up.

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She quickly hugged me before the policeman would take me away. Maybe that was all I need, a hug from somebody that has a pure heart and believed in the truth that I am not cheating on Steph.

Me: thanks very much for visiting me here.

I whispered into her eyes and she smiled. The smile on her face made me remembered my love Stephanie and I threw my face towards the opposite direction as two tears rolled down from my eyes.

The policeman took me to my cell and threw me inside before locking the iron door from outside. I crawled to a wall where I sat down to think about everything Miracle just told me.

And that is how it goes, we the poor people are being used as toys in the hands of the rich. This is the same girl that I took bullets for. The same girl that I almost died for.

Now she wants to dump me for another rich and fair guy but what pains me most was that, must she accuse me of cheating on her? Why can’t she just say its over between us. Why must she let me suffer just to walk out of our relationship. Is this the rich men’s definition of love towards us, the poor people?

So stephanie is finally dumping me for another guy. More tears rolled down from my eyes and I began to cry.
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