Whatever It Takes-Episode 44


Esenam stood on the seashore and watched the sea in its beautiful song and dance. She was also intrigued by God’s power and awesomeness whenever she saw the sea. The rhythm from the waves and its sound alone made her know there was an awesome powerful being behind creation. Boat joined her and wrapped his arms around her waist to enjoy the moment. They had not talked much after Boat’s revelation about his Dad. Naana called out to them that it was time to eat. Boat and Esenam joined Naana and her boyfriend at the cosy spot they had discovered on the beach.

They sat down on the beach towels that they had spread on the grass under the shade of the coconut trees. Boat spoon-fed Esenam and she giggled all the way through it..

“Naana, I think it’s about time you introduced your good- looking friend to us.” Boat teased. Esenam agreed with him. Naana looked at Eddy who shrugged to show his agreement to the statement by Boat.

“Okay, Okay, ” Naana said and moved closer to Eddy. “Boat, Esenam, meet Edward Obese-Krakue. Eddy, meet Yaw Boateng and Esenam Fiagbe, my two other favourite people and good friends in the whole world.” Eddie set down his spoon and shook hands with Boat and Esenam.

“Pleased to finally meet you, the incredible pair.” Esenam drew Naana’s attention to the fact that the introduction was not complete. She had not told them who Eddy was.

“Well, Eddy is a very good friend of mine.” Naana supplied.

“Oh, is that all I am, a good friend? I was hoping I could be more than that to you, Naana.” Eddy said with food in his mouth.

“What I mean is, Eddy and I have been seeing a lot lately. You could say we are dating.” Naana explained.

“Pleased to meet you at last. We’ve heard lots about you.” Esenam said.

Naana and Eddy went for a walk down the beach after eating. Esenam and Boat stayed behind with Esenam pretending to be reading. She was uncomfortable with the way Boat was constantly staring at her. Esenam’s phone rang and she picked the call.

“Hi Mom, it’s nice to hear from you.”

“I tried getting to you yesterday evening but your phone was off,” her Mom said.

“Maybe network problems. I don’t remember turning my phone off yesterday. Is everything alright?”

“I should be asking you that question. It’s been ages since I last saw you. I was hoping you’d at least call.”

“Mom, I’m sorry but I have been very busy. I promise it won’t happen again.”

“Anyway that’s not why I called. I called to invite you and your friend; what’s his name, Yaw or Boat to dinner tonight.”

“Tonight? Mom I can’t …”

“If you are worried about seeing your Dad, he won’t be here. He left on a business trip yesterday. He won’t be back until next week. Please do come, I really want to see you and your friend. I want to get to know him better. Please don’t disappoint me.”

“Mom, I …Mom, hello, hello…” Her Mom was long gone. She did not give her the opportunity to explain why she would not be honouring that invitation. She vowed never to set foot in their house again whether her Dad was there or not. She did not like the fact that she always got burned every time she went over.

“She hanged up on me.” Esenam said, shocked.

“Why did you two fight?”

“No, she called to invite you and I for dinner tonight and she hung up before I could say anything. I don’t want to go. I don’t want to run into my Dad ever again. She said he’s out on a business trip but I don’t believe it and even if that were true it doesn’t matter. I am not going back to that house.”

“Maybe you should just trust your Mom. To tell you the truth I really want to meet her.”

“Are you saying you wouldn’t mind going?”

“No. I would love to go but not if you don’t feel up to it.”

“Mmm, if you say so. You have to meet her one way or the other. She’s been asking for that for a long time now.”

“Mothers and their daughters. She wants to be sure I’m right for you.” Boat teased. Esenam smiled and put her head on Boat’s laps. She closed her eyes and pondered over how her Mom was going to react to Boat. She was sure she would like him. The thought of her Dad made her sad a bit. Boat looked down at her and marvelled at her beauty. He knew his heart would never beat in a life without her.

“You are really beautiful, Esenam. Just look at your lips.” He said and traced his hands on her lips. He was tempted to kiss her but fought the urge. He wasn’t sure how Esenam would react to that. Esenam cautioned him to stop the flattery.

‘Who says it’s flattery. You have very beautiful lips, and just look at your nose and… if you call the truth flattery, then yes I’m flattering you. You have the most beautiful body and an angel-like heart. I love you, Esenam.”

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“I love you too.” Naana and Eddy walked to the other side of the beach. They stood at the shore with Naana leaning against Eddy. She scooped some of the sea water and allowed it to drip from her hand. Eddy scooped some of the beach sand and aimed it at her. Naana took to her heels. Eddy threw the sand anyway and caught her in the back. Eddy goes after her. He caught up with her in no time. He turned her around to face him and kissed her passionately on the lips.

“You are very special Naana, you are Godsent.”


“I guess what I’m trying to tell you Naana is that I find you very attractive and I would like to be more than a friend.” Naana stood looking at him in silence. Her eyes were filled with tears of love.

“Sorry if I was too forward but that is my nature. I don’t waste time when I want something. I think I’m in love with you and I can’t keep it to myself anymore. I need to know what you feel for me. If you don’t feel the same way, don’t worry because I won’t push you.”

“I love you too. I’ve loved you for a while and I was scared you didn’t feel the same way. I was scared you’d never love me.”

“Why in the name of God do you think I’ve been hanging out with you a lot these days? It’s because I couldn’t be without you. I love Naana Anderson.”

“I love you too Eddy.” Eddy hugged her and kissed her again. Naana pulled back when the kiss become too intense and tried to walk away. Eddy pulled her close and locked her in an embrace for a long time.

Meanwhile Esenam was fast asleep and Boat continued to stare at her in admiration. He wondered how one person could have all the good looks and a golden heart to crown it all. Her skin was soft and unblemished. She was an epitome of real beauty. She had a kind heart and was very tolerant. Boat traced a line on her face softly and thought out aloud.

“God, I love her so much. Thank you for this wonderful lady. Sitting here and looking at her I know you’ve blessed me. I am the luckiest guy in the whole world. Just look at her face, her eyeballs, her nose…in fact I love everything about her. If beauty were a person, it would be you Esenam and if I had been given the power to create my own woman, I know I’ll create someone exactly like you. Yes, you were created especially for me, Esenam. You are God’s gift to me and I know with you by my side I can do anything. I will spend the rest of my…” Naana’s voice broke into his thoughts.

“Hey Princess, this is no time for sleeping. Come on wake up and let’s take a dip into this extremely big sea. I feel like I can do anything right now.” Esenam opened her eyes and sat up looking at excited Naana.

“You sure are in a good mood. Eddy what did you do to her to make her this excited?” Esenam asked. Eddy smiled.

“I’m not sure. But whatever it is I think I like her feeling this way; that is if I had such an influence on her, I’m glad.” Naana looked at him shyly and giggled. They all joined in a hearty laugh. Esenam and Naana raced to the sea and plunged in, loving the cool caresses of the warm water.

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