My Celebrity Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 24



I couldn’t look when James was beating him but hey, he deserves it. This is the same person who I caught some minutes ago cheating on me with another useless and worthless girl.

More tears rolled down from my eyes as the memories, the good ones we both shared began to cross my mind.

James: Steph, stop crying. Believe me, that useless boy is not worth your tears.

I couldn’t talk as his speech brought more tears to my eyes. He grabbed me bringing me closer to his chest. I threw my hands around his neck as more and more tears flowed freely more eyes.

Driver: Madam I don reach the place o.

James: how much is your money?

Driver: two thousand naira.

D–n, this old forsaken useless man is trying to pull a wise one on us. The transport fair from the airport to Idris apartment and back to my father’s house is not up to one thousand naira but I couldn’t talk. He should do whatever he wants, I have bigger issue bothering me.

James: ok have this.

He said and gave him so Euros.

Driver: thank you sir. Thank you very much sir.

He shouted very delightful. He knows he was over paid.

James brought me down and took me inside as the gateman took my bags inside too.

We got inside and my dad and mum with miracle were sitting down having a nice family time together.

On seeing this, I fell down on the floor and started crying really hard.

Before my mum could come close to me, I stood up and ran straight to my room bolting the door from inside.

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James: good day sir and Ma’am.

Chief Sunday: excuse me, who are you and how can I be of help to you.

Miracle: common dad, don’t tell me you don’t know him.

She said hugging James tightly.

Miracle: even you mummy, you want to tell me you don’t know him.

Chief Sunday: cut the crab and introduce yourself. My daughter came here crying and you expect me to be patient with you?

Ma’am Nancy: please young man introduce yourself.

Miracle: don’t you remember James, our neighbour back then in England.

Chief Sunday: oh oh, you mean James. How are you my boy.

He said shaking hands with James.

James: fine sir!

Ma’am Nancy: oh James, you have grown so big and handsome.

James: thank you ma’am.

Ma’am Nancy: take a seat let me get you something to drink.

James: thank you ma’am.

Chief Sunday: so, what brought you to Nigeria?

James: is about your daughter sir.

Chief Sunday: hmm, don’t tell me you want her hand in marriage.

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Miracle: he is even better for stephanie than…

Chief Sunday: shut up let me talk to my guest first.

James: Its about stephanie, her boyfriend who is called Idris by name is believed to be cheating on her sir. Can you believe that we caught him red handed sleeping with another girl in his apartment?

Chief Sunday: what!!!

Ma’am Nancy: what’s the problem sweet heart.

She said bringing a bottle of wine and cups.

Chief Sunday: hmm. Sit down, You…
He pointed at miracle

chief Sunday: go and call Stephanie. I want to hear this news directly from her.
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