My Celebrity Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 23



we got to Nigeria safely and all glory be to God almighty. Immediately the plane landed in the airport, I got down and took a cab with James following me from behind.

I wanted to go to my father’s house first but curiosity took the better part of me and I decided to visit Idris first for him to give me a reasonable explanation for all these.

When the cab got to his house, I saw a young Lady peeped through the window and ran back.

Me: could it be?

I asked as I got down from the car and entered inside the house to behold the greatest shock of my life.


I was so delighted to see stephanie that I ran towards her with happiness.


came an ear deafening slap. Before I could process what was happening around me, another three hot slaps blinded my eyes.

As for Ruth, I didn’t know how she was manhandled. why would I know? When I am busy trying to revive myself.

After about fifteen minutes, she took me out and threw me outside the house like a bag of clothes or should I say books.

When I studied my environment properly, I saw my clothes, bags and other things outside. Then she came out, locked the door and walked straight to me with tears in her eyes.

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Stephanie: you this ingrate, you this gold digger. I gave you everything you ever wished for and I was willing to give you more. The house you are staying, clothes you are wearing and everything including the money that is in your bank account was either given to you by me or my dad but what did I get in return, nothing but betrayal. It was not up to three months when I left you and you have been f—–g all the girls in town. Just be thankful I didn’t call the police for you. Nonsense!!

She said and walked back to the cab. I was confused about everything. A reasonable person would know that me and Ruth have nothing for each other. What is all theses she is saying.

I stood up from the ground and before I could get to where she was, a fair man came out. A boy about my age but the difference between me and him is that, I am a Nigerian and he is erm maybe from England i guess since he came together with stephanie.

The fair guy blocked me instantly.

James: where are you going?

Me: wait let me see stephanie.

James: shut the f–k up and get out of here.

Shoo, see this Idiot won shout for me for my country oo. Me wey dey chop Akpu and eguisi soup and him wey dey chop so so leave. Abeg if we fight who go win? No be me?

I simply neglected the Idiot as I tried to enter inside the cab to explain things to my beloved stephanie but he drew me back.

Out of an anger, I gave him a terrible slap and before I knew it, he jacked me and threw me to the ground accompanied with several blows.

Before I knew what was happening, I was bleeding all over and the greatest shock of it was that Stephanie didn’t care. She was just crying at the fake thought of me cheating on her.

When James was through with me, he stood up and entered inside the taxi and it zoomed off leaving me lying on the ground with blood all over my face.

This is me IDRIS MUSTAPHA, lying on the floor with everyone looking at me. No house again because she locked me and took the key away. Obviously there is no Job again for me. The worst of it all is that there is no celebrity girlfriend for me again.

Hmmm, I am now back to square one.
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