Whatever It Takes-Episode 40


The constant ringing of her phone woke her up. She had gone to bed fantasizing about how it would be like to marry Yaw Boateng. He was a real catch. He was handsome, caring and most importantly God- fearing. Esenam pulled the drawer beside her bed and brought out her phone. It was still ringing. She answered without looking at the screen. She guessed it was Boat, apparently worried because she did not say anything about his proclamation.

“Hello, my Guardian Angel!”

“It’s good to hear you call me that.” Akwasi replied.

“Hi Akwasi, how are you?” Esenam replied disappointed.

“Not so good without you.”

“To what do I owe this early call?”

“It’s simple, Esenam. I still love you. My love for you has grown to unimaginable heights. I think I can’t live without you now. I gave you the space you needed and hoped that my feelings for you would fade but the opposite happened. My love for you grew and I wanted to tell you just that. Will you still marry me, Esenam? I am helpless without you in my life!” Esenam was silent for a while. She was not ready to go that route with Akwasi. She did not know how to tell him off without really hurting him. She was getting angry too. She had explained to Akwasi a million times why she couldn’t be with him. She just didn’t love him anymore. She was deeply in love with Boat but she didn’t want to use that as an excuse. Whatever she felt for Akwasi died a long time ago. She was sure it was even before he tried to force himself on her.

“Why the pregnant silence, my love? Don’t you have anything to say?” Akwasi asked, irritated.

“To tell you the truth, I don’t know what to say. Can we talk about this some other time? I really should be going now.”

“You still don’t want to talk to me? I’ve asked for forgiveness a million times already but you are still holding grudges. Isn’t that hypocrisy? You preach one thing and practice another. Is it so hard to forgive me, your bright shining armour?”

“Akwasi, I’m really not in the mood for this. You claim you love me yet you treated me like a woman you had just picked from the street. You went as far as tearing off my shirt, do you know how that made me feel? I still have nightmares about that, you know! I’ve tried really hard to put that behind me. I believe that was a sign from God that we were not meant to be together. My heart is numb when it comes to you. I don’t feel anything when I see you. Do you still want to be with a woman who can’t love you? ”

“Esenam, that hurts. Do you want to tell me you don’t love me anymore? I want you to look me in the eye and tell me that. Until then I won’t believe what we shared is over just like that. We would be leaving for our hometown later in the day and would be away for two weeks. I’ll get in touch with you when we return. I do have to see you. I hope you can give me that?”

“I think I can give you that. You are not my enemy, are you? I will see you then. Let me know when you get back. I will pick the place and time.” Esenam put the phone in its place and stared at the ceiling. She was sure Akwasi just hated to lose and that was why he was still pushing for a comeback. She had seen him with other women and his sister had informed her there was one girl he brought to the house regularly. She knew Akwasi did not love her as much as he wanted her to believe. She had serious doubts when she was with him but she decided to brush them under the carpet since he was just human.

Now she was very positive she was in love with someone else. There was no way she would trade what she felt for Boat for anything else. A knock on her door a few minutes later startled her. She was not expecting anyone that early. She got to her feet and put on her morning gown. A smile crossed her face when it crossed her mind that it might be Boat. She quickly checked her appearance in the mirror and answered the door with a smile.

“Good morning, sweetie. How are you?” Naana asked.

“I’m fine by God’s grace.”

“Yeah, I can see you are a lot happier these days. I can also see that you were hoping to see someone else at the door.”

“Stop pulling my legs, Naana. I doubt you stopped over here to tease me. Aren’t you coming in?’

“No, I don’t plan on staying for long. On a more serious note there’s been something about you lately. You look and act like someone in love. I’ve seen you occasionally smile to yourself, and I saw the look in your eyes those times, as if you’re recalling something beautiful. You’re in love, aren’t you?” Esenam hesitated. She was not sure if she could trust Naana yet. She admitted Naana had been awfully nice to her but was adamant to let her in on her love life especially since Boat was a big part of it.

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“You can trust me, Esenam. I see the writings on the wall. If you ever considered me a friend, you would learn to share everything with me.” Esenam saw the opportunity to come clean with Naana. She knew the thing with Boat was going to get out sooner or later. She wanted to be the one to tell Naana what was going on.

“Yes, I guess I can’t hide it anymore. Can I? Believe me, I wanted to tell you but I didn’t have the courage to tell you considering how you feel about him. I know you love him and I didn’t want to upset you especially after all that you’ve done for me.”

“So, it’s true.”

“Yes, it is. You are now like a sister to me so I can tell you I’m in love with Boat,” Esenam added.

“That’s good news. I’m really happy for you two. You deserve each other.”

“Are you saying you are okay with that? I thought you would be angry considering …..”

“Yes, I was in love with Boat but I’m over all that now. Much as I loved him, I wanted him to love me too. It dawned on me that he would never look at me the way he looks at you. I was jealous for a while but after he had a chat with me, I grew up and moved on with my life. I can’t force a man to love me. You know, there’s this guy I met some time ago. I think I like him but I don’t know how he feels about me so I can’t tell you much. But when I get something to tell, you’ll be the first to know. I’m very happy for you and Boat. You two deserve some love in your lives.”

“Thanks for understanding, Naana. You are such a good friend. I will forever be indebted to you.”

“You owe me nothing, Esenam. I really like you; I have learnt a lot from you. You are a unique being. You inspire me with your attitude, the way you talk and how you treat people. I passed by on my way to work to see how you were doing and to see if you could accompany me to see Sister Forson this evening. She’s been sick for some time now and I haven’t gone to see her.”

“I would love to accompany you, Naana, but this evening am dinning at my folks. My Mom insisted and my Dad agreed to have me over for dinner to celebrate my results. I couldn’t turn her down even though I know it would not end well with my Dad.”

“Don’t worry too much Esenam. I think your Mom knows best what she’s doing. Just go and have a nice time. We will make it to Sister Forson’s place another time.” Esenam saw Naana off to the roadside and waited till she boarded a taxi and waved at her. She waited till the taxi was out of sight and then went back inside. She sat in the sofa and wondered if she should call her Mom and tell her she would not come for dinner that day. She dreaded going to the house that had once been her home. Somehow, she felt her Mom forced her Dad to agree to having her over. She felt she was going to leave that place broken-hearted like always.

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To be Continued… Stay blessed!