My Celebrity Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 19



I was not myself after i had that dream about Idris. Could it be that he is cheating on me? Certainly not but what baffles me mostly was that he didn’t care about the dream. To him, it was a mere dream.

“door bell rings”

I stood up up from my bed and opened the door.

Me: James!!

James: hi steph.

Me: i thought you said we are going to have dinner, this is just morning na.

James: i know, just wanted to keep you company that’s all.

Me: I didn’t tell you I was scared of being alone.

James: may be I should go.

Me: wait!!

I needed company in other to minimize the time i will spend thinking about the dream.

Me: come inside.

He came inside with a smile on his handsome face.

James: so, when are we gonna get wedded?

Me: in your dreams boy, i have someone am dedicated to.

James: *faking a smile* alright, lets see.


Time check 7:30pm

I was already sitted in chief Sunday’s house waiting for Miracle. Just then her dad came out.

Me: good evening sir!

Chief Sunday: ahh Idris. How are you.

Me: fine sir.

Chief Sunday: I heard that you guys are going for a birthday party.

Me: yes sir.

Chief Sunday: thank God you are with Miracle. Please take very good care of her.

Me: yes sir.

Just then she walked in looking wow. Truth is, Miracle is very pretty and gorgeous but i am betrothed to her big sister already.

Miracle: lets go.

Me: at last!!

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We arrived at the party and wow, the house party was filled with many rich guys, guys with levels.

The swimming pool section was crowded with girls in bikini and boys doing touching body play. Most of the guys are either the son of an oil mogul, high class business men, senators and I recognized one to be the son of a minister and that means that the compound was surrounded with flashy cars.

What do you expect? The daughter of the overall manager of ALHAJI FAROUK PRODUCTION LTD is celebrating her birthday and the event is wow.

Miracle was busy introducing me to everyone as her boyfriend and i couldn’t talk. I was silent because creating a scene here will be catastrophic.

Me that have no money, my mother is not a senator or minister neither is my dad so why should I create a scene when I can be easily beaten by the snap of their fingers.

She kept introducing me to everyone as her boyfriend as she was busy smiling. She knew she has played a smart one on me..

Miracle: lets go and drink.

Me: yea lets go.

I said because was tired of her endless introductions.

We got to the bar where she ordered for two cups of wine, one for me and one for her.

Miracle: oh no, please get my phone for me, its in my car.

She said handing me the car keys. I stood up and walked to her car but no phone was inside.

Me: your phone is not inside the car.
I said on getting back.

Miracle: sorry, its inside my purse the whole time.

Me: *weird*

I sat close to her, took the cup of wine and drank it.

Miracle: you want more?

Me: yes of course.

I said and she filled my cup for me but didn’t put any in her cup. It was like she was avoiding the drink.

Soon enough, i began to feel very weak and sleepy. I quickly looked at the bottle of wine and what made my spirit jumped out of my body was the inscription “NON ALCOHOLIC WINE”

Before i could react, i became weak, unable to move.

Miracle: you and you, take him to an empty room.

The guards quickly obeyed and in no time, they took me to an empty room and kept me on a bed.

Miracle thanked them and they left, then she closed the door while i passed out.
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