Whatever It Takes-Episode 39


They stepped out of the fast food joint and enjoyed the fresh air that gently welcomed them to the outside. Boat looked into the starry night and remarked it was a beautiful night. Esenam could not agree with him more.

“What interests you most about God’s creation?” Boat asked.

“The sea. For me it tells me how awesome God’s power is. Every time I see it, it’s like seeing it for the first time. I like the rhythm and the sound of the waves.”

“My interests lie in animals. There are so many species of each of them yet each one is unique. And when I consider the fact that God takes care of them even though they neither sow nor reap, I understand how loving and caring the God we serve is.” Boat explained. They were at Esenam’s place now. They stood outside for a while. Boat realized it was getting colder and Esenam could catch a cold. He advised that they called it a night. He thanked Esenam for going out with him.

“I guess I should be going in now. Thanks so much for a wonderful evening.” Esenam replied.

“Any time, Esenam. I’ll do anything to make you happy. Enjoy a good blissful sleep.” Esenam bid him good night and headed for her door. She unlocked the door and turned the handle.

“Esenam, wait!” Esenam stopped in her tracks alarmed. Boat caught up with her and handed her a small box.

“Please take it. It’s my way of saying thanks for allowing me to be a part of your life.” Esenam took the box with a smile. She was unsure what was inside. She opened it to reveal its contents and gasped. It was a beautiful brooch. She pinned it to her dress to show she loved it.

“That’s very thoughtful of you Boat, thanks. It’s truly a beauty. I should be grateful for meeting you. You’ve been very kind.” She managed to say and turned to face him. Boat looked a little uncomfortable suddenly. He tried to speak but stopped. He run his hand through his hair in a bid to calm his nerves and curb the urge to kiss her. There was something he had wanted to tell her for a while now. Esenam thanked him again and turned the door knob.

“Esenam, I don’t know how or when this happened but I love you,” Boat managed to voice out finally. “I’ve felt like this for a while now and I can’t keep it to myself any longer. I just want you to know.” Esenam’s face lit up. Boat had just confessed his love for her. That was very pleasant to hear. She had waited for this day for so long a time. She had wondered when he was going to let it out. She loved him too but she thought it was not time to let him know yet.

“Goodnight, Boat. I will see you tomorrow.” Esenam felt like she was the luckiest woman on the planet. She was bursting with so much joy and love that she feared if she stayed any longer she would not be able to curb the strongest urge she felt to kiss him. The thought of his lips on hers sent shivers of pleasure down her spine but she knew she had to fight that urge and stay focussed.

“Goodnight, my Pretty Face.” Boat replied downheartedly. He hoped the feeling would be mutual. He had expected Esenam to tell him she loved him too. He had wished to see the excitement in Esenam when he told her he loved her. That did not happen and he was not sure what that meant.

That night Boat went to bed with a feeling that he had humiliated himself. He wondered if he had made a complete fool of himself by telling Esenam how he felt. He tossed several times in bed with a lot of questions flooding his thoughts. He prayed for God’s guidance and support to win her over if he hasn’t already. He was sure she loved him. He saw the glitter of love in her eyes every time they were together.

“Why didn’t she say so? Why didn’t she profess that she loves me too? ” Boat shouted. He knew he wanted her in his life. He knew he could not live without her. He loved her more than love itself.

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