My Celebrity Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 18



*Phone rings*

I stood up lazily from my bed, streched and picked up my phone with the hope that it was stephanie calling me.

Me: hello my love.

Miracle: haa, this one you are calling me your love today, are we safe?

Me: *looked at the phone again to and gasped* Miracle!

Miracle: where you expecting someone?

Me: erm, no. Not at all.

Miracle: very good. I hope you have not forgotten?

Me: what?

Miracle: the birthday na. Today is the birthday of my friend Bolanle. Don’t tell me you are still on bed doing nothing.

Me: *its true o* no o, i have not forgotten. Infact, i was only just pulling your legs.

I lied and the truth is, i did not remember any birthday party at all.

Miracle: good, you will come to my house by eight o clock.

Me: *looked at the time* that means i have less than an hour to be with you.

Miracle: for where? I mean eight o clock in the night.

Me: what!! Is that a birthday or a night party?

Miracle: is the both. Please don’t let me down o.

Me: no problem. Let me start preparing in advance.
I said and she laughed before cutting the call.

Well, since the party is a night party, i still have lot of time at hand. I called stephanie.

Me: goodmorning my love.

Stephanie: good morning honey!
She sounded tensed.

Me: what’s wrong with your voice?

Stephanie: that’s because, that’s because…
She stopped.

Me: because of what?

Stephanie: i had an unpleasant dream about you.

Me: you had an unpleasant dream?

I asked and laughed.

Stephanie: why are you laughing na.

Me: abeg forget about this dreams of a thing, they don’t work.

Stephanie: is that so? You didn’t even bother to know about the dream first before castigating it..

She said and ended the call. Wow, is Stephanie angry with me? I must have hurt her feelings o. This is really serious. Maybe i would have listened to her before laughing at the case.

Me: hello, my love am really sorry.

I apologised immediately i called her and she picked.

Me: please stephanie, don’t be angry at me. Ok, tell me the dream lets reason things together.

Stephanie: in the dream, i saw you sleeping with an unknown woman. She was under you while you were ontop of her f—–g her. Her face and identity was covered because you were ontop of her but her voice sounded familiar.

Me: is that all?

I asked as my face swelled up like a frog about to bring out its long and sticky tongue. If not we were still calling each other, i would have busted into a round of laughter. Me that does not have any girlfriend apart from her, women enh!

Me: is that all?

Stephanie: why is your voice like that?

Me: nothing, its just that i just woke up from sleep.

I lied to her.

Me: so tell me, you are insinuating that am cheating on you abi?

Stephanie: no not so.

Me: then its what?

Stephanie: i just want you to be careful that’s all.

Me: you know that i love you and will never cheat on you.

Stephanie: hmm, ok. I trust and have faith in you.

Me: that’s it. We just have less than four months to wait before seeing each other and am gonna wait for you…

Stephanie: me too.

Me: alright, gonna call you later, bye.

Stephanie: I love you.

Me: i love you too.

I said and ended the call before laughing. Chaiii, women and their funny instinct.
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