Whatever It Takes-Episode 38


Esenam woke up broken. The previous day’s turn of events with her Dad still filled her heart with a lot of pain. She took out her journal and dusted it. She had not written in it for a long time. She opened it and skimmed through the last entries. Her phone rang. It was Boat. He was checking up on her since she had left unceremoniously the previous day. He had called that night but they had not spoken for long. Esenam picked the call and forced herself to be cheerful.

“Hi, Pretty Face.”

“Hi, Boat. I wasn’t expecting a call from you.”

“I know. I am worried about you, especially with your father showing up and I couldn’t help but notice that it was a harrowing experience for you. It looks to me you are not talking much. You give me short answers to all the questions I asked yesterday, it’s kind of getting me worried.”

“I’m okay. Just that it’s sad my Dad only stopped by because my Mom threatened to leave him if he didn’t get the letter to me on time.”

“I thought it would be more than that. I hoped he’d reconsider his decision and ask you back to the house. I prayed for that, you know.”

“Are you saying you knew about the letter?”

“Yes, your Dad came to my place earlier and mentioned it. I told him where to find you. I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want you to get your hopes up, in case he didn’t show.”

“Anyway, that didn’t happen. I’m still ousted like an unwanted element. He came because my Mom threatened to leave him if he didn’t get those documents to me in time. He doesn’t care about me. I doubt he ever did,”

“No, don’t say that. I don’t really believe your mother’s threat was his sole motivation for bringing that letter. He could’ve sent your brother, or even your mother herself. I’m sure he wanted to see you because he misses you. Blood ties are that strong, you know. So, are you going to tell me about the letter he brought?”

“I’ll tell you later this evening, when I see you.”

“Oh, so you remember our date tonight?”

“Of course, I do. Why will I ever forget when it’s so fun being around you?”

“You really think so? You like my company?”

“Yes, I know so. You are an incredible person. You are kind and very caring and that makes you unique.’ Boat was overjoyed. It was as if he had hit the jackpot. The thought that Esenam enjoys being with him fills him with hope. Hope that she would fall for him.

Boat confessed that his call was to remind her about the date. He mentioned that he had this crazy feeling she had totally forgotten about it especially with what happened with her Dad the previous night. Esenam assured him she would never forget something like that unless she woke up with acute amnesia or something worse. They both laughed. Evening came finally. Esenam took her time to style her hair the way she knew brought out her beauty. She told herself she was going to have fun no matter what had happened.

Boat was at Esenam’s door ringing her doorbell earlier than expected. She stepped out in a purple sleeveless loose dress that made her glow in the night. She had beautiful gold earrings, necklace and a bracelet to highlight her outfit. Boat just stared at her beauty and charisma. She was indeed a woman to have and hold for eternity. Boat took her to the movies and on their way home they both decided to grab something to eat from a fast food joint close to Esenam’s place. All eyes turned to look at them when they entered. Boat knew it was because of Esenam. She had this aura about her that made her a delight to watch.

The place was dimly-lit with soft music playing in the background. There were not many people around, and so it felt private. Boat led Esenam to a seat in the corner, and as they sat down it was as if they were in the world alone. He remarked on how well her dress fitted her and how beautiful she was. Esenam shyly murmured her thanks and gave her attention to the food in front of her.

“So, when are you telling me about the letter?” Boat broke the silence.

“Oh, I can see someone can’t wait to hear it. Actually, it’s nothing to talk about. I didn’t live up to expectation so the Accreditation Board gave me… First Class Honours.”

“First Class Honours? OMG, that’s incredible! Congratulations, Esenam. I never knew you were such a terror when it comes to books,” Boat exclaimed and reached across the table to touch her hands. Their eyes met and held. Time seemed suspended as she felt butterflies in her tummy as his hands held hers. Esenam slowly drew her hand back fully aware that what she was feeling was love.

“I didn’t do it alone. God was my strength, and I’ve got you, my family and the whole congregation to thank. I would be nothing without you, Boat. You are very kind, you know. Thanks so much for everything.”

“I’m just glad I could help.”

“I guess the icing on the cake is the letter. I think that was why my father sought me out in the first place. You see, ever since I was a little girl, it has been my father’s dream that I grow up and follow his footsteps in the Accountancy profession. He wished that I’ll work as a Banker before I settle down and take over from him; that is if Elorm does not show any interest in Accountancy. And for being the overall best student for my year group, I get to work at one of the leading Banks in the country. The offer letter had a clause that I should reply and let them know my decision by tomorrow or they’ll take it that I was not interested.” Esenam explained.

“Oh, Esenam, that’s really good news. I am so happy for you. You are really a jewel that must be cherished. I presume you replied to the letter.”

“Of course, yes. I delivered it myself.” They ate and chatted happily for some time, and when the food was all gone Boat stood up.

“I think we are done here. The night is still young though. Can we take a walk?” Boat asked after looking at his watch.

“A walk would be fine.”

“Ok. Do let me know when you get tired from walking.”

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