My Celebrity Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 17



I was shocked when i opened the door. Standing before me was James with flowers in his hands smiling brightly.

James: Hello Stephanie!

Me: James, is this really you?
I asked as i jumped on his body.

James: hahaha, long time.

Me: are you kidding me? Its like we haven’t seen each other forever.

James: can i come in?

Me: hahaha, forgive my manners. You can come in.

I said and shifted for him to come inside.

James: so you are in England and you didn’t bother to check on me.

Me: sorry dear, I didn’t have your contact. Moreover its has been long so i thought you forgot about me.

James: *sitting on the bed* that’s impossible, how can i forget my one and only love?

Me: abegee, you want to tell me that you haven’t move on all this while?

James: i haven’t.

Me: hahaha, well that’s your cup of tea. As for me, i have moved on and i am engaged with the cutest and nicest man in this world.

James: hahaha, you kidding right?

Me: no.

James: you better be because I’d kill anybody that want to take you away from me.

Me: what!!

I screamed, that’s one thing i hate about this guy. He can do the unimaginable.

Me: if you are here to spit rubbish in my face than you better stand up and leave right now.

I shouted at him angrily. D–n, i wish he came to me about two months ago, I would have showed him the real me with a slap.

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James: s–t! Am sorry. I didn’t mean it that way. It was just a joke.

He said trying to comfort me but i was far from it. A look at his face will tell you that he was d–n serious about his threat.

He kept pleading before i decided to forgive him though it was not from my heart.

James: common baby, smile for your baby.

Me: *sighed and manage to let out a fake smile*

James came to where i was sitting down, took his hands round my neck and was speaking softly to me..

We spent some time together before he stood up.

Me: i forgot to ask you something.

James: yes what is it?

Me: how did you know that i am in England?

James: *a smile cut across his handsome face*

gush, this guy is d–n handsome. I would have love to be with him but nothing can be compared to the love i have for idris. Idris is my life, body and soul and with him shall i spend the rest of my life with.

James: this is my country, everything that goes on in this country is right under my knowledge.

Me: hmmm.

James: so you guys will be here for about five months right?

Me: yes!

James: why don’t we go out and have dinner tomorrow?

Me: alright.

James: are you coming?

Me: don’t know.

James: please na.

Me: ok but i am not promising anything o.

James: ok.

He said and pecked me before leaving.

I closed the door and return to my bed. Though this guy is crazy, he is fun to be with.

Me: *sighed* James, James!
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