My Celebrity Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 20



I woke up early in the morning in a strange room, strange bed and strange house.

Me: where am I?

I asked no one in particular when i decided to look down and saw that i have only my boxers on.

Then it started replaying in my head. How i was drugged, how i was taken to another room and how my clothes were taken off. How i was f—-d silly by Miracle.

D–n, I was just an innocent sheep that was led to the slaughter house.

I stood up angrily and picked up my clothes, I was very angry at Miracle. Just then, Miracle came inside.

Miracle: waky waky sleepy head.

Me: *I didn’t even answer her as i continued wearing my clothes*.

Miracle: I brought breakfasts for us to eat.

Me: how could you Miracle.

I shouted as my eyes were drained in tears.

Me: how could you drugged me and use the opportunity to have s-x with me?

I asked her with all the venom inside me. She kept quiet for sometime, sat on the bed and began to cry loudly.

Is she for real? Like seriously is she crying? For what if I may even ask. She should even be begging me self not crying.

Her voice were getting higher by the moment and I had no choice than to console her.

I came close and started begging her for her just to reduce her voice.

Miracle: I did all that because I love you.

She said still crying.

Miracle: is it a crime to love someone. I know you and my sister have something for each other but that does not mean you should not show even a little love for me. If it hadn’t been for love, I swear I wouldn’t have done this. Its the work of the devil. Please forgive me.

She said still crying. I had no choice than to hug her and forgive her.

Me: *hugging her* I forgive you but it should never repeat itself again.

Miracle: *yes, I have gotten him again* I promise it won’t repeat itself again.

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I truly love stephanie. Wow, she has grown so beautiful and gorgeous than the way she was before when we were neighbours.

Back then, we were kids and we were really fond of each other. When Miracle told me that she was coming back to England for a movie shoot out, I decided to use this golden opportunity to be very close to her and win her heart.

I thought everything was going to be easy but there was a big obstruction for me, Idris. This Idris has really been destroying things for me.

I have tried all my luck in getting her attention but is either she reminds me of Idris or she tells me her love for Idris is greater than anything she is feeling for me.

Thank God miracle is by my side and it is just a matter of time before i get back stephanie.

*Phone beep*

I took my phone and searched, it was a text message.

Me: wow, so quick!!

I shouted as I jumped to my feet. The video has been sent to me.

Me: I can feel Stephanie being mine already.

I said as i forwarded the videos to my Steph. I waited till it was sent to her before moving over to my bar to have a champagne.

Me: time to celebrate my success.
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