Whatever It Takes-Episode 31


Mrs. Fiagbe walked in from work tired and sad. Esenam had not contacted any of them since the fiasco on Sunday. She had spent the whole day thinking of a way out for her daughter. She had finally decided on securing a loan from the bank to sort out Esenam’s school fees and other incidentals. She went to the kitchen after changing into her casual clothes to get dinner underway. The doorbell sounded. She wondered who it could be. She answered it quickly when she hoped it could be Esenam. She was disappointed to see Akwasi at the door. Akwasi greeted politely and asked to see Esenam. Mrs. Fiagbe’s fury peaked, and she almost spluttered as she spoke.

“Come in then. She is in her room thanks to you.” She said and walked straight to the kitchen. Akwasi lingered in the living-room surprised at her attitude towards him. Mrs. Fiagbe came back into the living-room a while later to see Akwasi still standing.

“Are you still standing there? She is in her room waiting for you so that you can try your tricks on her again and later tell the sweetest tale ever to my husband so that he believes you instead of his own flesh and blood. Go, she is in there; don’t keep her waiting for too long.” She said and sat in the sofa. Akwasi walked to Esenam’s door and knocked on it several times. No sound came from Esenam’s room. He headed back to the living-room worried and met Mr. Fiagbe just as he walked in from work,

“Hi, son. It’s good to see you. It’s been a while since you visited us,” Mr. Fiagbe stated and put his arm across Akwasi’s shoulders.

“Yes, Dad. I travelled with my Dad on one of his business trips. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before I left. I wanted to give Esenam some space to cool down too. Talking of Esenam, has she slipped into that mood again? I knocked several times on her door but there was no answer. What happened to her? Is she worse than the last time I was her?” Akwasi asked, worried. Mr. Fiagbe guided Akwasi to a chair.

“I am surprised you don’t know what happened to Esenam. I thought she would have contacted you by now. I deliberately sent her out of my house for defying me. Knowing her and the way she’s lived since her childhood, I knew she wouldn’t hang around those poor people for long and would come crawling back to you for shelter. I know she doesn’t have many friends. Are you saying you’ve not seen her?” Mr. Fiagbe stated, a bit shocked.

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“No, Dad, I have neither seen nor heard from her. I asked my father to drop me off on our way back from Takoradi so I wouldn’t know if she is in my house. What I don’t understand is Mom said she was in her room waiting for me.”

“Don’t mind Sylvia. She is very bitter because I sent her favourite daughter out of the house. She’s not spoken to me since. You are lucky she talked to you but I hope she’ll come to understand that I have Esenam’s welfare at heart that is why I did what I did. I love her very much.” Mrs. Fiagbe looked from Akwasi to her husband and thundered out of the living-room.

“But Dad, did you have to throw her out? What if she doesn’t go to my place? Where can we find her?” Akwasi asked with guilt written all over his face. He knew he had caused all that suffering for Esenam yet being the coward that he was, he could not own up and tell the truth.

“Trust me son, she will come back to her senses; she can’t live anywhere else and she’ll have no choice but to obey me. Everything will work out perfectly. I know how much she loves her family. She can’t make it without them and that’s why I used that weapon. She’ll be yours again. Just trust me. So how was the trip with your Dad?”

“As usual. He kept ordering me round. I’m not interested in his kind of business but he is bent on making me his successor. Can’t you talk to him about it on my behalf? I’m really not interested in his kind of business.”

“I don’t know what boys of today think. Look, it is for your own good to succeed your father. That way he’ll know that the business is in good hands and you wouldn’t have to hustle in life. I will advise you to develop the interest in the business and you’ll do well. Now, go home. I know Esenam will be there waiting for you. Just be good to her, okay?” Akwasi left with a heavy heart. He felt sorry for Esenam. He wondered why she had changed so much. He hoped she would be in his house.

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