My Celebrity Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 11


MY POV continues.

I was relaxing on a couch in my new apartment that was given to me by chief Sunday. I must confess, the self contained room is simply the best.

The house was very very beautiful. The painting and interior design was nothing but a master piece. The kitchen was loaded with all kitchen equipment you can ever think of. The television set was very big followed by some large speakers by the side. The dstv was on and the movie channel displaying on the tv was African magic.

Time check 7:47pm

chief Sunday: i can see that you are getting use to your new house, its high time we go back to our own house.

He said and stood up followed by Ma’am Nancy and Miracle.

Me: thank you very much sir.

Chief Sunday: don’t mention, you deserve it and even more for saving the life of my daughter. If there is anything that you need, just come to my house which is down the street. remember, you are always welcome.

Me: thank you once again sir.

Mum: thank you ooo. God bless una oo.. Thanki you very much.

Ma’am Nancy: amen and amen. Thank you too.

Samuel: thank you very much sir. You and your family are truly nice.

Chief Sunday: *bringing out a little paper from his pockets* here is my phone number. Do make sure you call me lets discuss.

Samuel: *visibly happy* Thank you very much sir.

Chief Sunday: Stephanie aren’t you going home.

Stephanie: i want to stay with Idris for a little while before going to my own apartment.

Chief Sunday: *shrugged* suit yourself.
He said and left as miracle blew me a secret kiss. Lol, crazy girl.

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Few minutes later, samuel and my mum stood up.

Mum: idris i won go oo.. Remember say na only your stubborn brother dey house?

Me: no problem, when should i be expecting you?

Mum: maybe tomorrow.

Samuel: time to go home bro. I promise to come and check on you again.

Me: no problem, thank you very much. I said as they both left me and stephanie alone in the room.

For some minutes, we didn’t talk to each other. We were busy looking at ourselves and behind those large crystal eyes of her was pure love.

I didn’t know who made the first move but i found myself kissing her really hard. We kept sucking on our lips as she gently climbed ontop of me.

I placed my two hands on those big boobs and to my greatest surprise, she didn’t resist me.. Instead she kept sucking my lips really hard with her eyes close.

I was still playing with cowbell manufacturing company when her phone rang. Chaiii, he no go better for the person, sorry i mean devil where call at this time.

She too was not happy as she got down and picked her phone.

Stephanie: mtcheeew, it even a text message.

She said reading it..

Stephanie: what!!! Oh my God!
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