Whatever It Takes-Episode 32


Mrs. Amegashie heard a car drive in and wondered who it might be. She had been home with only Enyonam for the past two weeks. Enyonam was in her room. Her husband and son were on a business trip and were not expected back. She got up from the sofa she was comfortably relaxed in and looked through the window to see who it might be. She hurried outside just as the car pulled up and the driver got out. She threw her arms around his neck and gave him a big kiss.

“What a nice surprise, hun, I’ve missed you loads!” she said.

“I’ve missed you too.”

“So, you were tricking me when we spoke about an hour ago and you mentioned getting back after two days? God, I like surprises.” Mrs. Amegashie added.

“Yes! But we were able to round up early and decided to give you all a surprise. I know I get a very good feedback when I give you surprises. Anyway, I was hoping you would give me another son for this surprise.” Mr. Amegashie said jokingly. Mrs. Amegashie pretended she did not hear him. She took his briefcase and headed inside. Her husband followed her inside and repeated his statement.

“You only get like that when Akwasi disappoint you in one way or the other. What happened this time? Did he show any interest in what you do?”

“Akwasi is good. But I think it will take a lot of time to ginger his interest totally in the business. Maybe I should concentrate on Enyonam taking over from me as you suggested. But I’d have loved it more if my son takes over from me.”

“Talking of Akwasi, where is he?”

“He dropped off at the Fiagbe’s to see his Princess. I’d like to lie down for a while, would you mind lying down with me?” Mrs. Amegashie answered in the affirmative. They got to their feet and were about to walk into their bedroom when the main entrance door flew open and Akwasi walked in calling out Esenam’s name. His parents exchanged worried looks.

“Where is she? Mom, where is Esenam? Her father says she is here.”

“Akwasi, are you all right? Calm down and tell us why you expect to see Esenam here instead of her house?” his Mom asked worriedly.

“Her Dad said he forced her out of their house about a week ago for defying him. He mentioned that he was sure Esenam would come here for shelter and then we can work things out.” Akwasi answered.

His parents could not believe what Akwasi was telling them. They knew just how much Alfred Fiagbe adored his daughter, Esenam. Enyonam walked into the living-room from the kitchen and asked why Akwasi was screaming out Esenam’s name in their house. Mrs. Amegashie asked Enyonam if she had seen Esenam and if she knew where she lived. Enyonam was very confused. Akwasi briefed her on what had happened and she still could not comprehend what was going on.

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“Ah, you mean she doesn’t live with her parents anymore. I saw her on Sunday on my way from church. She didn’t say a thing about it. She seemed to be in a hurry though. Oh God, why should her father do that to her? She’s such a sweet girl. It’s your fault Akwasi. Her father is doing all that to her because she broke off with you. Meanwhile you are to be blamed for her actions. I’d do the same if I were in her shoes. There’s no way in hell I’ll stay with a guy who tries to rape me. You should be very proud of yourself for making her suffer so much.”

“Oh please you two shouldn’t start with your nonsense. We don’t know what exactly happened so we shouldn’t jump into conclusions. I’ll talk to Alfred about it. Whatever she’s done I don’t believe she deserves to live on the streets,” Mr. Amegashie ordered.

“Dad, I hope this would teach her a lesson and give us the chance to work out our issues. Maybe you should wait for a while before talking to Mr. Fiagbe about it.” Akwasi reflected.

“Just listen to yourself. I’m ashamed to have you for a brother. You are so selfish and I guess that’s why Mr. Fiagbe likes you in the first place. You certainly don’t deserve a woman like Esenam. She’s too good for a loser like you.” Enyonam countered. Mrs. Amgashie called them to order and urged Enyonam to tell Esenam she would like to have a word with her if she saw her again.

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