My Celebrity Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 10


MIRACLE’s POV continues.

Me: hello sweetie, goodmorning!

Bolanle: miracle, how far na?

Me: am fine and you?

Bolanle: am cool. You self don’t use to call or check on someone again oo..

Me: am sorry, how’s work na.

Bolanle: we thank God oo. At least you are better than us.

Me: why did you say so?

Bolanle: you were employed in your father’s company immediately you graduated from school and your pay is muuaah.

Me: don’t say that abeg, you that your father is the general manager in Alhaji farouk production limited, didn’t he employ you their?

Bolanle: hahaha, lets give God the glory abeg.

Me: yeah, born with a silver spoon.

Bolanle: so what is the reason why you called me?

Me: erm remember that movie that your company is about to shoot in England.

Bolanle: yes, the movie may take four to five months in other to shoot it.

Me: i saw that your company is looking for a talented actress to take the major role?

Bolanle: yes!

Me: very good, i want to do this for my sister. Its would be like a gift. I want you to put her name among the actress. Remember she is popular and also talented and the role will fit her alot.

Bolanle: does she know about this?

Me: no, its a surprise. Just help me and talk to your dad. Tell him to choose her as the major actress in the movie please!!

Bolanle: you do know that the actor, actress and the crew will be out of this country for about five months right?

Me: yeah i know, my sister can handle it..

Bolanle: i just don’t know.

Me: please na, talk to your dad for me.. You know he is capable of doing anything for you. If you use the right words, you will persuade him.

Bolanle: ok i will try but i am not promising anything oo.

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Me: ahh, thank you alot.

Bolanle: hahaha

Me: thank you once again, i owe you one.

Bolanle: no problem.

Bolanle: hope you are hearing from Shola.

Me: yes na, you know what, lets hang out this evening.

Bolanle: you mean the three of us.

Me: yes, i will call Shola and text you the address.

Bolanle: no problem.

Me: thanks once again.
I said and ended the call. wow, everything are falling into place for me. If Stephanie is going to be out for about five months, then i will have enough time to do my homework.

Yea, I just hope things will go well for me. I Picked my phone and called Shola. We jisted for sometime in which i told her about our hangout in the evening.

For once i my life, i am super delighted. Stephanie doesn’t deserve Idris at all. She is too mean and heartless. I know that she is my sister but she doesn’t deserve him.
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