Whatever It Takes-Episode 30


A long silence ensued between Boat and Esenam. Boat could not bear to see her eyes so inflamed from crying so much. It was really tearing him up to see her in so much pain. He wondered what he could do to lift her spirit a bit.

“I would like to take you out before you leave for school.” Boat stated. “Just think about it and let me know when you will be ready. I have to warn you of my weakness though; I hate waiting for too long. So, if you don’t give me a date soon I will have to force it out of you.” Boat added playfully. Esenam’s face lit up and Boat was glad he could make her smile a bit. “I still stand by my promise to check on you every day until you get tired of seeing my ugly face.” Boat added.

“You know that is not possible. I will never get tired of seeing you. You always have a way of making me feel special.” Esenam responded.

“You are special, Esenam. You are a true gem.” Naana came back with three cups of coffee on a tray. She gave one to Boat and another to Esenam. They sipped their coffee in silence. Afterwards, Naana told a story about a missionary who braced all the odds in his work in God’s service until Esenam fell asleep. Boat covered her with a cloth and pulled Naana out of the room.

Naana could see the magnitude of Boat’s love for Esenam in his eyes and actions. She tried to get him out of the house with her to grab a bite but Boat would not budge.

“I don’t think it would be advisable to leave Esenam alone in her present state.” Boat responded to Naana’s request.

“She is sleeping. Besides, we won’t go far. We should be back before she wakes.” Naana insisted. Boat offered to get her something from his kitchen if she was that hungry but Naana declined the offer and asked to leave.

“Wasn’t I supposed to leave with Esenam?” Naana asked.

“Yes, you were. But since she is asleep and it looks like you can’t wait a minute longer, I suggest you take the lead. I will bring Esenam over later in the evening.” Boat replied.

“It looks like you have it all planned, right. Let me throw caution to the wind though. You should be very careful and alert. The devil is powerful and can use circumstances like these to trap us.” Naana said and picked her bag.

Boat was losing his cool with Naana. He wondered why she always had negative thoughts about everything. All he was trying to do was help a friend and there she was judging him. He knew for a fact that he was attracted to Esenam but did that mean he was stupid enough to ruin that by hitting on her especially now that she was suffering so much? He walked with her to the road side and chit-chatted with her for a while when he realized she was downhearted too. He stopped a taxi, opened the car door for her and paid the fare.

Naana still left with a heavy heart. It was clear to her that Boat had strong feelings for Esenam but she was not going to give up hope just yet. For Boat’s sake, she was going to be extremely nice to Esenam. She was sure that was the only way to win him over. She wished there was a way of letting him know she was in love with him without confessing it to him.

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Boat went straight to the kitchen when he got back. He was whistling a love song while he fixed lunch for himself and his guest. Esenam stood in the doorway to the kitchen and admired the way he was carrying on. She cleared her throat to draw his attention. Boat turned and smiled at her.

“Sleeping beauty is wide awake now. Hope the Prince was as handsome as you wished.” He declared and Esenam smiled. “You must be famished by now. Lunch would be served in a jiffy.” Esenam told him she wasn’t that hungry. Boat frowned immediately and told her not to make his toil go to waste. He jokingly told her he had burned his fingers in the process of getting lunch ready and if she did not eat, he was sure his fingers would go for arbitration on a charge of undue abuse. Esenam smiled again. Boat was glad he could make her smile in her moments of despair.

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To be continued …Stay blessed!