My Celebrity Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 9


MIRACLE’s POV continues
Chief Sunday: go on we are all ears.

Me: erm, if Idris is discharged from the hospital, were is he going to go to?

Stephanie: hahaha, i thought you were about to talk something serious.

Ma’am Nancy: lets hear her out first.

Chief Sunday: go on.

Me: what i am trying to say is that we should rent an apartment for him.

Stephanie: hmmm.

Chief Sunday: nice idea. I think i am going to rent an apartment for him. He deserved it for saving your life. He even deserved more.

Ma’am Nancy: nice one miracle.

Stephanie: why don’t you rent him an apartment close to mine.

Me: *d–n, where is she heading to?*

chief Sunday: no

Me: *yes*

chief Sunday: i don’t want you guys to be doing naughty things.

Stephanie: haba na. I promise not to indulge myself or get intimate with him. Please dad, just do it for me..

Me: *oooo, what’s her problem na*

Ma’am Nancy: please honey, just do it for her.

Chief Sunday: ok, he will…

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Me: *interrupting* No dad, why not rent an apartment for him close to our house here, they are many houses available down the street.

Chief Sunday: but..

Me: sorry Stephanie but my major reason of saying that is because, i want daddy to be close to him. He should get to know more about Idris because Idris is more or Less a member of this family.

Chief Sunday: yes you are right my dear. Sorry Stephanie but i need to get close to Idris. I want to know more about him. I want to know more about his family and people.

Stephanie: *looking Sad* so?

Ma’am Nancy: we are renting an apartment for him close to ours. When we get to know more about him, we shall rent another house for him close to your apartment.

Stephanie: alright, its fine by me.
She said looking Sad.

Wow, that was close. If i hadn’t acted early and sharp, daddy would have rented an apartment for idris close to stephanie’s apartment. Never, the last thing i wanted was idris to be far away from me..

Objective number one is complete. I would make sure that his apartment is very close to ours. Now that idris will be close to me, its high time to start initiating objective number two which is getting Stephanie out of my way and i know just the way to do that.

STEPHANIE’s POV continues

Miracle came up with a nice idea. If idris is closer to me, our relationship is going to blossom.

Daddy didn’t go with the idea of renting an apartment for him close to mine but after a little pleading from me and mummy, he agreed.

Just then, Miracle came and spoil everything by convincing daddy to rent an apartment for him close to theirs.

My house is far away from my dad’s house and Miracle is currently staying with my dad. If idris is going to stay close to my dad, he is going to be far away from me..


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