Whatever It Takes-Episode 24


Naana hurriedly stopped a taxi and got in. She gave the driver the directions and relaxed in the back seat. It was early Saturday and they had finally arrived in Accra from Kumasi. She was very happy to be back. Boat had promised to take her out that evening and she was looking forward to it. The taxi pulled up and Naana stepped out with a sigh of relief to be finally back to familiar territory. She rang the doorbell and waited with a broad smile on her face. The door to the house opened after what seemed like an eternity.

“Naana? ” Boat exclaimed.

“Hello, handsome! Sorry if I disturbed you.”

“When did you return?” Boat asked, still looking surprised.

“Just landed, Yaw. I thought I would surprise you.” Naana answered.

“Come right in. You have no idea how happy I am to see you.” Naana was flattered to hear that from him. She informed him she stopped by to let him know she was back so they could go out as planned. Esenam heard Naana’s voice and was overjoyed that at least one of her problems was over. She tightened the bathrobe around her and stormed into the living-room without a second thought. Naana’s countenance changed immediately she saw Esenam and how she was dressed which suggested she had spent the night with Boat.

“Well! Well! Well! What do we have here?”

“It’s not what you are thinking, Naana. I was going to come to that eventually.” Boat answered.

“Come to what? To tell me that you’ve slept with her in a sinful moment of uncontrollable lust? Is that how far you two have come? She now spends her nights in your house and in your bed? God, I’m sorely disappointed in you, Boat. How could you do something like that? As for her, I knew she was trash the moment I laid my eyes on her. I knew she was up to no good but you should’ve known better. I warned you several times about her but you never listened. She is the devil’s agent sent purposely to make you fall and now she’s accomplished her mission,” Naana rattled out bitterly. The thought of Boat with another woman was driving her insane with green jealousy. She fought so hard to control her wild jealousies which was pushing her to hit Esenam with all the hatred she felt for her.

“I think congratulations are in order, Esenam. You should be very proud of yourself,” Naana added, her voice spilling venom.

“Why do you always jump into nasty conclusions? If you hold the unnecessary fire, we can explain things to you.” Boat retorted. He was really tired of the way Naana mistreated Esenam around him. He did not understand why Naana always wanted to paint Esenam black.

“There is nothing to explain. Everything is clear as sunrise. Who thought you could be so insensitive. You could have at least thought about how your behaviour was going to affect the Church and those who love you. Or did you plan to keep it a secret forever?” Naana’s outbursts continued. The joy Esenam felt on hearing Naana’s voice vanished immediately. She was hurt really badly. She was so hurt tears flowed down her cheeks. She run into the guest room without a word. She put together her belongings and quickly changed into new clothes. She walked out the room and met Boat right in the doorway. Boat grabbed her hand and begged her not to leave when she was angry.

“Let her go. She has accomplished her mission after all. Let her leave with her shame. I knew she amounted to no good and she is feigning anger. That is emotional blackmail. Let her go. You don’t need her. That’s how spoilt rich kids behave; they think they can get away with anything. I will make sure you get what you deserve. You are a disgrace…” Naana continued.

“Stop that nonsense right now, Naana. If you care to know, Esenam is here because her father threw her out after she attended youth meeting on Thursday. He had warned her to stop fellowshipping with us but she didn’t listen. You were out of town and Elder Asare and his wife are also out of town. I couldn’t trust her with anyone else that is why I accommodated her. You should learn to keep that sharp tongue of yours in check sometimes, especially when it comes to the integrity and honour of others. I’m rather disappointed in you. How could you be so judgmental?” Esenam was crying now. She broke free from Boat’s grip and headed for the door.

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