My Celebrity Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 3



Samuel: *sleeping* thank you sir!

Samuel: *sleeping* yes sir.

Abdul quickly ran to the door and knocked but got no reply. He knocked and knocked but still no reply.

Out of impatience, he entered inside our apartment to see Samuel sleeping on the floor saying many things.

Abdul: *shaking him vigorously* wake up idiot, wake up.

But Samuel didn’t wake up. He went outside and picked a bucket, filled it water and enter inside again.

Abdul: for the last time wake up.

Samuel: *still sleeping*


Samuel jumped up. He was soaked to his bones, he looked around and saw Abdul standing infront of him with a bucket in his hands.

He slapped Abdul.

Samuel: you dey craze, you know the kind dream wey i dey dream, idiot human being like you…

Abdul: you dey mad, thats why you slap me? Which kind dream you dream.

Samuel: *shouting* thunder fire you, i been dey for conference with all the big men for this world. Sitting at my left was nelson mandela and my right was Osama bin laden. You don ever see this people for your dream before?

Abdul: no.

Samuel: e be like say na our village witch send you this afternoon because bill gate and osama bin laden won shake me before you use your badluck come spoil everything.

Abdul: sorry oo, i just come to tell you say Idris dey battle for him life for hospital.

Samuel: enh you say wetin?

Abdul: na person call me tell me self. Dem say dem shoot am three to four bullets self.

Samuel: hey ooo, stephanie don finally kill am for me oo.. Stephanie don finally do am oo..

Abdul: him dey for heritage hospital now.

Samuel: ok thank you. Make i call him mother.

Abdul: ok, we dey pray for him.
He said and went out.

Samuel: *called my mother* hello good afternoon ma.

Mum: Samuel oo. The witch don call me to say mission accomplished.

Samuel: which witch?

Mum: stephanie oo.. She don finally kill am. She don finally kill am oo.

Samuel: chaii, idris self too stubborn. Upon all my advice. Chaiii, na wow o!

Mum: shey you sabi the hospital wey him dey.

Samuel: yes ma Heritage hospital, i sabi there.

Mum: ok, i dey come una house. From there we go..
She said crying.

Samuel: ok ma
he said and cut the call.
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I opened my eyes slowly and heard shouts, it sounded as if it was the shouts of loss souls.

My whole surrounding was white and the bright light beaming everywhere didn’t help matters at all.

Me: chaii, i don finally die, na heaven i dey. Or maybe na the gate of heaven i dey but wait oo, i fit make heaven? You sure say the gate never close.

I thought as my mind drifted to all the bad things we have at home, ranging from packets of condom (though its for Samuel but my money was used in buying it) and other things.

Then i saw an angel with white coming towards me. funny enough, his belly shot out, a medium size pot belly. I think say angel no get big belle but this one wey i see enh, i dey sure him they drink bear.

Me: please don’t take me to hell please.

Chief Sunday: huh???
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