My Celebrity Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 4


5 minutes ago


I was still lost in thought when the nurses shouted.

Nurses: he is awake!!

My dad and mum rushed inside while i took my phone to inform my elder sister.

Stephanie: hello cute angel, whats up!!

Wow, my sister has really changed oo, can’t remember when last she called me by my pet name.

Me: he is awake!

Stephanie: what?

Me: he is awake oo.

Stephanie: ok, am coming there right away. Thanks alot for informing me..

Me: no problem.
I said, ended the call before going inside the ward to see the angel that changed my sister.

Idris: please sir, don’t take me to hell sir, please!

Chief Sunday: huh?

Me: what is he talking about?
I asked as i came closer to him but stopped immediately. Lying on the bed is a guy looking cute, very innocent and nice. Oh my God, this guy doesn’t deserve my sister at all.

MY POV continues.

I thought i was dead when i saw my stephanie coming closer to me. What the? Everything started coming into place. I looked around and saw drip hanging on the wall, then it dawned to me that i was in the hospital.

She came closer to me, i held her, drew her closer and hugged her tightly.

Chief Sunday: *clears throat* erm, what are you doing?

Me: *i looked up and the angel that was suppose to carry me was chief Sunday* good afternoon sir. Good afternoon ma

ma’am Nancy: how are you, hope you are feeling fine.

Me: *still hugging my stephanie* yes ma, infact i am good to go..

Chief Sunday: you do know the person you are hugging right?

Me: yes sir, its Stephanie the girl i do the unimaginable for.

They all laughed.

Chief Sunday: look again, its miracle her younger sister.

I let go of her immediately. Wow, the resemblance was too much. I mean the same height, colour, face and packaging though these one boobs small sha. Stephanie own na im big pass.

I was looking at her eyeball very surprised.

MIRACLE’S POV continues.

I came closer to him and he held my hands. oh my God, his touch is so warm and comforting. In the twinkle of an eye, he drew me close to him and hugged me..

His heart beat against mine was very lovely. I have never felt something for anyone like the way i am feeling for Idris, no wonder he changed my sister.

My dad blew everything up for me by telling him i was not Stephanie and he left me immediately still looking at me.
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MY POV continues
This family is really blessed. Just then, the door opened and my beloved stephanie ran to me.. Wow, looking so nice and beautiful.

Immediately, my bones started to join. Flesh started to cover with wounds were healing.

She came closer to me and KISSED me.. Wow, i died and woke up, died again and woke up, died again and still woke up.

If i just commot from here, i dey go meet those hire killers make dem shoot me again.

Her dad and mum were giggling and i was kinda shy. I looked around but miracle was nowhere to be found, just then i heard a shout.

Mumcy: where she dey, where that girl wey won kill my idris for me.. Make she better come out!

my mother shouted, she has arrived and that means war, i just hope things turn out smoothly for me..
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