Whatever It Takes-Episode 25


Esenam’s tears blinded her. She felt so humiliated and hurt. How could someone she trusted as a friend say things like that to her? Why was Naana being so mean to her? She was grateful Boat was different. He had been a big support in her darkest moment. She remembered she had not thanked him for his selfless kindness to her. She stopped halfway through and turned.

“Boat, thank you so much for everything. I don’t want people talking ill of you because of me. I’ll think of something. After all I have about two weeks to go back to school. Maybe I’ll leave for school early. Thanks a billion for your kindness and for being a good listener,” she said and walked out of the door. Boat followed her and grabbed her bag.

“Esenam, please don’t leave. I’m begging you to stay. Please! At least wait until I find a suitable place for you. As for Naana, I don’t know what’s gotten into her. Please don’t let her get to you. Stay for my sake. I want you to stay. Don’t listen to a thing she is saying. I think she’s gone completely crazy.” Boat said in earnest, and it is evident he is very distressed by the turn of events. Esenam stood looking into the pleading eyes of Boat and felt sorry for him. She was very uneasy that Naana thought ill of him because of her. Yaw Boateng did not deserve that. He had been a perfect gentleman as far as she was concerned.

Esenam tried to convince him it was best she left before people started talking which might put him in trouble as far as the Church was concerned. She said it would be very unfair for people to attack him just like Naana did a while ago. Naana joined them.

“Esenam, I’m sorry for all that I said. I didn’t know. I don’t know what came over me. Please forgive me. I have no excuse for saying those things to you. I’m truly sorry. I guess it’s my weakness; I always expect bad things from people. I am so sorry.” Naana implored.

“Look, I’m not holding anything against you so there is nothing to forgive. You were my only hope. We were both waiting for your return so that I could plead with you to allow me to stay with you till I go back to school. Now that I know that you don’t even trust me, I don’t think it would be a good idea to stay with you. I can’t live here too, so I’ve got to go and look for a way out of this problem. I’m sorry Boat, but I’ve got to go. Can I please have my bag back?” Esenam responded.

“I said I’m sorry, Esenam. I really mean that. To err is human but to forgive is divine. It’s not like I don’t trust you. I don’t know why I’m like that sometimes. And when I’m like this I normally do not know what I’m saying. Please, forgive my error for Christ’s sake and come back into the house. Let’s at least sit and talk about it. Pleeeeeeeease!” Naana pleaded. Boat added his plea to Naana’s for Esenam to stay until they found a workable solution to the problem.

Esenam was still adamant. She decided to leave and that was all she would do. She hated it when people played God over others. It was not so much about what Naana said that worried her, but the utter bitterness with which she said it made her uncomfortable. It was obvious to her that Naana has feelings for Boat. Maybe they were together before she came along and things were getting rusty between them because of her. She needed to go far away from Boat. She was aware he was beginning to have very strong feelings for her.

“Please Esenam, I’m practically begging you not to leave. Do you want me to go on my knees to convince you? If you have to leave, at least come in and let’s talk about it or tell me where you are going.”

Esenam knew she had nowhere to go. All her life she had been with her parents and didn’t believe in bothering any of her parent’s friends with her problem. She felt that would be washing her family’s dirty laundry in public. All she needed was to be close to people who share her faith; people who would encourage her to continue in her resolve to do God’s will.. But it looked like that would be farfetched. Boat refused to give her back the bag if she would not tell him where she was going.

“Honestly, I don’t know where I’m going but I’ll surely think of something.” Esenam said frankly.

“I guess you’ll leave without your bag then. I’m not giving it to you when you don’t have a firm place in mind. Please come back inside.” Boat shot back firmly. Esenam looked from Boat to Naana and saw the pleading look in their eyes. They both nodded to signify that they wanted her to stay but before she could say anything, the phone in the hall rang. Boat rushed inside with Esenam’s bag in hand to answer it. It was Elder Asare. He wanted Boat to know he was back since he left countless messages on his phone and through his gateman. Boat politely enquired about his brother and he was informed that the worst was over. He told Elder Asare about a problem that had cropped up and needed his urgent advice.

Boat came out and briefed Esenam and Naana about Elder Asare’s return. He asked that they all head over to his house for a solution to Esenam’s problem. Naana asked to be excused since she was tired from the trip but emphasized that she would be more than willing to host Esenam at her place. She apologized again for her unruly jealousy tantrums and begged Esenam to find a place in her heart to forgive her.

Would you stay at Naana’s house if you were Esenam? Let the discussion flow

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To be continued …