My Celebrity Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 5


MIRACLE’S POV continues

Stephanie came in not long when i called her, she rushed inside and kissed Idris. I didn’t know what happen but i went outside. Oh yes, i can’t stand to see her kissing idris. Could it be that i am jealous? No i am not jealous, she doesn’t deserve him and am right.


MY POV continues

I knew what my mother is capable of and i was afraid because she will spoil things for me..

Chief Sunday: honey can you get me a biro from your purse?

Ma’am Nancy: yes dear.
She said and gave him a pen.

He collected the pen, brought out a cheque from his wallet and wrote something inside of it, then he went out.


Samuel: that girl na devil she be.

Mumcy: i no just know wetin they worry my pikin oo. Why idris won kill himself for this girl na?

Samuel: ha, na love oo..

Mumcy: which love, which kind yeye love be that. When i marry my husband na so we do? Na for farm wey we see ourselves, exchange cutlass, visit each other and before you know it, we don marry.

Samuel: that one na olden days love na…

Mumcy: abeg forget, wetin una sabi about love?

Samuel: if i see that girl enh, i go slap her so that idris go know say no be goddess she be.

Mumcy: sheybe!

Just then, chief Sunday and ma’am Nancy came out. They went straight to my mum while Samuel greeted them and left them alone.

Samuel entered my ward and immediately he saw Stephanie sitting right besides me, he was shocked. He looked at her with mouth wide opened, surely this is the first time he is seeing her.

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Stephanie: hello sir..
She said in a nice, sweet, angelic voice.

Samuel: *lying down on the floor* good afternoon MA.

Stephanie and i laughed but he didn’t stand up.

Stephanie: please stand up, you are older than me and i should be the one lying down for you…

Samuel: thank you MA, God bless you MA.

Me: sammy, sammy, how far na.

Samuel: ah, how’s your body? I was shocked when i heard the news and ran down to this hospital, hope your injuries are not deep?

Me: *jesu, na Samuel dey yarn big big OYIBO?* ahh we thank God oo, nothing happen to me. I hope say my mother no too cry.

Samuel: no she did not. actually, she cried a little.

Me: hmmm, Samuel the English master.
He got the meaning and just hissed. Just then stephanie received a call.

Stephanie: honey i have to go now to supervise some auditions, see you in the evening. She said and stood up, pecked me before leaving.

Just then my mum came in with ma’am Nancy smiling. I looked at her hand and saw a cheque. no probs money don settle .

We had a nice time together, soon all of them left me. Samuel and my mother went back to our house promising to come back the next day. Chief Sunday and his family also went back to their own house too.
Time check 8:05pm
i was lying on my bed when the door of the hospital got opened. At first i thought it was Stephanie because she promised to come back and checked on me..

Me: hello stephanie.

Voice: hahaha, its Miracle not Steph.

Me: miracle?

Miracle: yes.
She said and switched on the light, then she came and sat close to me, very close!!
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