Whatever It Takes-Episode 21


The chirping birds near the window woke up Esenam from a restful sleep. She opened her eyes and saw it was already morning. Surprisingly, she had slept very well. She stepped into the bathroom after making the bed and took a long shower. Showers always had a way of relaxing her and dulling the crippling effects of stressful situations. There was a knock on the door just as she stepped into the bedroom. She tightened the bathrobe around her and answered the door. Boat stood in the doorway in his PJ’s with a huge tray of food in his hands.

“Good morning, Pretty Face,” he said and marveled at how beautiful she looked even in the morning.

“Good morning,” she responded and wondered why her heart missed a beat every time she saw him. Esenam took the tray from him and asked him to step inside. Boat was impressed to see the room very tidy with the bed neatly made.

“Did you sleep at all?” he asked with a smile.

“Yes, I did. Why do you ask?”

“Looking at you and the bed one would think that you didn’t sleep at all. You don’t have the usual puffy face that we all have in the mornings.”

“Stop the flattery, would you? I know I look ridiculous in this oversized bathrobe.”

Boat assured her she looked pretty cute in the bathrobe and told her he brought her breakfast to her room to make her more comfortable. Esenam thanked him for his kind gesture and asked where he would be taking his breakfast. He told her he always ate in the kitchen. Esenam picked up the tray and stormed out of the room. Boat followed her. Esenam stopped in her tracks when she realized self- consciously that he might be staring at her behind.. Boat stopped behind her.

“Are you going to take the lead or not?” Esenam teased.

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Boat walked past her and ushered her into the kitchen. Esenam looked around and admitted it was not bad for a guy. She set the tray on the mini dining-table in the middle of the kitchen. Boat drew out a chair for her to sit. He brought his food to the table and sat facing her. He offered a short prayer and they ate in silence. Esenam picked at her food when she remembered her family would be eating together around the same time.

“Forgive me but I’m not a very good cook especially with eggs. I know those eggs must taste awful. I always mess them up.”

“Honestly, they are a little overcooked for me but most people like it like this. I can do with this. And this breakfast is delicious, under the circumstances,” she said with a gentle smile.

“Then you would have to teach me how to cook your eggs next time.” Esenam agreed to do just that.

Boat went to his room to get ready for work and Esenam got ready to go and see her mom.

Boat, dressed in wine trousers and a cream shirt with a matching tie knocked at her door a while later. Esenam opened the door and stood in the doorway staring at him. She admitted he looked absolutely handsome in his clothes.

“You look very cute,” Esenam managed to say.

“Thanks. I’m off to work. Feel at home and don’t worry about a thing. I have a spare key so you can lock up if you have to go out.”

“Okay, and thanks very much for helping me out. Your kindness is very much appreciated. Have a fruitful day!” Boat wished her the same and assured her that things would be well. He told her he was sure Elder Asare would have a very good solution for the problem.

Is Boat gonna be Boat forever?

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