Ntikuma – Episode 10 – “My Mistakes”


The name could be a common name, so I crossed check the number on the business card with Kojo’s number on my phone. It was the same.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. This could not be true. Kojo has always been a gardener in my house, and it’s not until recently that I threw him out of my house. There must have been a mistake somewhere.. somehow.

Ever since Yao told me who his boss was and gave me the card, I remained distant and distracted to the extent where we had to cut our hangout shorter than expected.

Even on my way home, everything kept replaying in my mind. It was not as if Yao was talking about a major breakthrough. However, it turned out that Kojo had been rich all along. I was so sure that somethings did not add up.

Aside that, I had to think of myself and the pregnancy. I have to make a major step, and that would be to inform my pastor. Ever since our last encounter at my house, I have not heard from him.

I wanted to get rid of the pregnancy as soon as possible. Ever since these events started, I have been so distracted. So much so that I wasn’t even paying attention to my personal life and my business.

On the bright side, I know as soon as I get rid of the pregnancy, everything will return back to normal. All the same, I was still desperate for a man of my own.

I had a mission to accomplish: I had to get in touch with my pastor, abort the pregnancy, locate Yao’s real boss, focus on my business, and probably get myself a man once and for all. As weird as this may sound, these were my major goals.

Early in the morning, I drove off to my pastor’s place. I needed to hear what he had to say about the pregnancy, as well as to inform him of the decision I have taken.

Usually, my pastor held his counseling sessions at this hour. I needed to be cautious this time. To be on the safe side, I would scream for help.

To my surprise, there was no one there. I must admit, that was quite unusual. Well, it’s been quite a long time since I came to his church, so there was bound to be some changes.

I was told he was in his office. As I got closer to the door, I noticed that it was left ajar. From that, I heard noises coming from the office. I boldly walked into the office, only to find my pastor kissing and caressing another woman. This woman just so happened to be a member of the church as well.

This same woman recently came into the church with fertility problems. I knew she was married. From that moment, I knew my pastor had been playing me all along.

He tried to stop me from leaving his office. However, I quickly left the scene. I entered my car and drove off. I knew he would be cautious out of fear that I would expose him. On the contrary, I had a better idea. But first, I needed to get rid of this baby.

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Upon getting home, I met my sister, Ntikuma. She had come back to my place and was waiting for me all along. Well, there was no sign of Kojo so I was relieved.

She looked calmer than I expected. Ever since we had our little misunderstanding, she has been cold to me. This coldness continued on, even during mum’s funeral. I knew everything well upon seeing her in that mood.

“Welcome sis, glad you are here. Can I get you anything?” I asked. She ignored me and sat down on the sofa.

“Erm, is everything alright?” I asked. Suddenly, she had this furious look on her face that freaked me out.

“I knew mom was under your care and was living in this house! Why did you send her back to the village?” Ntikuma asked.

I was nervous with the way things were unfolding. This was not what I expected.

“Mum just went there for a visit and that’s it”, I lied.

I could not go ahead and tell her how i sent my own mother back to the village all because of this pastor.

“Mom’s last words before she died was to ask God to forgive you” she said. “Even in her dying moment, she thought of you, so i was wondering, what could you have done to her? Luckily, Kojo disclosed everything to me”.

My facial expression changed instantly. There was no way I could hide anything now.

“There are things that we need to talk about. I made some mistakes that I am not proud of” I said.

Ntikuma got up and walked straight towards me. I did not like the look in her eyes. She was very angry. I didn’t know what her next reaction would be.

“Your mistake took her to her early grave!” She said, looking straight into my eyes. I honestly didn’t like where this was going.

I tried walking towards my room. Ntikuma then held me back in an aggressive way. As a result, I flared up in anger

“Don’t you dare touch me again, Ntikuma!!” I cautioned her.

“And what will you do? What will you do? Kill me like how you killed our mother?” She said.

I ignored her and decided to walk away again. This time around, I was so angry that I lost control of myself. Right then and there, I turned around and slapped her in the face.

From the way it sounded, I could tell it was even heavier than the one I got from Jerome’s wife. Ntikuma stood there, a bit surprised of the way I reacted.

“I warned you Ntikuma, but you pushed me to it!!”I said. Ntikuma looked into my eyes then reached into her hand bag. When I least expected it, Ntikuma pulled out a loaded revolver and pointed it at my face.

My emotions switched instantly. One moment, I was so furious that I slapped her. The next moment, I feared for my life.

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