Ntikuma – Episode 9 – “My League”


My mum had passed away earlier that day. The news was so hard to believe, but that was the truth. She was gone for good. No one saw it coming because she was a healthy lady.

My sister did not want to talk to me. Surprisingly, she blamed me for our mother’s death. Kojo was around, and I guess he was there to sympathize. Well, in a matter like this, we need all hands on the deck.

I was hurt because my sister did not come anywhere close to me, even during the funeral. All our family members knew that we were at loggerheads with each other.

I had something to distract me for the last two months. I was moving back and forth, in attempts to make sure that everything regarding my mother’s funeral was in place. My sister also did her part, yet our relationship with each other remained the same.

Well, it was my mother’s funeral so it didn’t bother me that I was spending too much. For the most part, majority of the expenses were covered by myself and the rest were covered by my sister, Ntikuma.

It was really exhausting and once we were done with the funeral, I finally settled at home. I took some days off, just to take a rest. It’s been a long month and finally we had paid my mother farewell.

No one wishes to lose someone they love in life. However, this misfortune was the distraction I desperately needed. No pastor drama, no finding a husband wahala. I just wished everything would be back to normal.

It was during this time that I realized I had missed my period for the past two months. It freaked me out when it came to mind, because I did not get tested earlier on.

I then realized that I was pregnant for my pastor. I was not ready to carry his baby. I was not ready to give birth out of wedlock, at least not now.

There was no way I was ready to keep this baby. I needed to let my pastor know before I go ahead with what I intended to do.

Before I decided to meet my pastor, I was driving home from a meeting where I dashed into one of the filling stations just around my neighborhood. That was where I met this guy who happens to be the filling station attendant.

He looked so familiar, yet I couldn’t figure out who he was. I kept gazing at him, and he also gazed at me. I was so sure that I knew him from somewhere, when suddenly he mentioned my name.

“I can’t believe this is you, I had a tough time trying to make you out” He said.

“Erm, help me out, have we met before?” I asked when I couldn’t make him out.

“It’s me, Yao, from back in the village…”He said. That’s right, who could have thought I would meet him here. I could not believe my eyes.

He had grown into a man. From that point, I could recognize his smile which brought back a lot of memories from when we were kids. Yao is a big guy now.

What surprised me was his current occupation. He is now a filling station attendant. Well, what can i say about that?

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“What are you doing here? Last thing I heard about your whereabouts was that you travelled abroad”, I said.

“Abroad? I have always been here. This is what I do for living,” He said.

There was so much to catch up on, so I had no other option than to give him my business card. Perhaps we can get together for old time sake.

I quickly drove off and went home. How time flies, Yao looked completely different now. No wonder there were rumours that he was making it overseas, which turned out to be a complete lie.

Yao did not hesitate to call me later that evening. I usually don’t speak on the phone for long. I prefer texting more than speaking on the phone, but that night, we spoke for hours. Even when the call dropped, I would call him back right away.

We didn’t talk about anything in particular. We mostly spoke about old memories, and guess what? We even went to the extent of scheduling a date. Not a date as in date, but rather a hangout. Yao was nowhere out of my league.

All this while, I wondered about Ntikuma’s whereabouts. I left the village right after mom’s funeral, but I was so sure she was with Kojo. She is my sister, and I was so worried about her. That was not how sisters are supposed to be with each other.

It was time for me to meet Yao. We agreed to meet at this ice cream shop. I was so excited about this meet up.

When Yao arrived, we had a long chat, while taking ice cream. One thing I noticed about him was that he couldn’t look straight into my eyes when we spoke to each other.

Anytime our eyes met, he would quickly brush it off as if it was forbidden to look me in the eyes. I was getting uncomfortable with the way he was acting up.

“Why do you keep staring away, is there any problem?” I asked him.

Then he giggled, I could tell he was so nervous so I decided to change the topic.

“Anyway, how did you end up here? I mean, with your work and all that?” I asked.

He sighed and began opening up to me. “It hasn’t been easy”, he said. “I came here desperately looking for work. It wasn’t until I met this gentleman, who offered me this job”, he said.

“He has really been good to me. So far, so good”, He said.

From the way Yao spoke about the guy, I wanted to meet him. He could be a potential business partner, you know?

“Oh, I can get you his business card”, Yao said. He reached into his pocket, brought out the card, and gave it to me.

I looked carefully at the card and I could not believe my eyes. I kept staring at the name that was written on it: Kojo Essando. That was the name of my gardener who is currently dating my sister.

The name could be a common name, so I crossed-checked the number on the card with Kojo’s number on my phone. To my surprise, they were the same.

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To be Continued