My Celebrity Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 1



Chief Sunday barged into the hospital accompanied with his wife ma’am Nancy and daughter, Miracle.

He saw Stephanie sitting down on a chair crying, her eyes were swollen and she couldn’t see properly because of the tears that were streaming from her eyes.

Chief Sunday: Stephanie!!

She jumped on ran to her dad hugging him tight, very tight.

Stephanie: please tell me he is alright, please tell me he will be fine and nothing bad will happen to him.

Her dad was shocked, her mother was shocked even her sister too was shocked to speak. A whole stephanie crying for a boy, Impossible.

Mum: *got herself back* please tell me what happened?

Stephanie: *sobbing* we were coming back from an eatery when a black jeep started following us. He looked and said something about the Jeep but i didn’t reply him. I thought it was a mere coincidence but then, the jeep pulled up in front of us and about three heavily built men came out with guns and other weapons. Their main target was me but he took the bullets for me.. Please tell me he won’t die please.

She said as she was busy soaking her father’s white Agbada with tears.

Miracle: erm, what is his name?

Stephanie: Idris.

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Miracle: how is he related to you.

Stephanie: he is the new PA that is working with me.

Miracle: i mean is he your boyfr…

Chief Sunday: shut up, go and sit down and leave your sister alone.

The whole family sat down. Chief Sunday could only pray for the guy to survive because he has not seen Stephanie cry over someone.

He knew for sure that this guy could be the one to revive his beloved Stephanie back. To bring back the angel in her. Oh, he must not die. infact, he shall be flown to abroad for serious treatment.

Ma’am Nancy was shocked to her bones. Here is stephanie, the same girl that hated everyone crying for a boy, impossible. Maybe she is charmed or something. Stephanie has always loved her dad more. They were best friends before stephanie started showing fort her bad character, now she is holding to her father so tight. Oh God, save idris.


when i heard about everything that happened, i was shocked. How can a boy die for my ill mannered sister. Who is the boy? What connection does he have to my sister. Surely, there must be more to this than meet the eyes.

I prayed for this boy to survive. I want to see him. There is surely something hidden behind everything that is happening but is my sister for real? Has she really change.

Just then the doctor came in with a sad look.
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