Whatever It Takes-Episode 22


Esenam walked him to the door and thanked him for everything he had done for her. She expressed her gratitude to Boat for being there for her. She informed Boat that she would be going to see her Mom at her workplace and then head for the library to finish up some assignment for school, which was due when school reopened in two weeks’ time.

Esenam’s sadness and loneliness revisited her the moment Boat walked out of the house. She tidied up the house just to take her mind off the mountainous sadness that was threatening to assail her. After cleaning up the kitchen she still felt lonely. She went back to the guestroom and picked up her phone to call Boat but decided against it. She flipped through her phone gallery and saw the pictures the family took on their last visit to the beach. She remembered how they had gotten their Dad to allow them to swim, and how he had insisted they should swim along the edges, and how he had policed them when they were swimming. She looked at the picture of her Dad carrying her Mom on his back and plunging into the sea amid screams from their Mom.

Esenam got to the pictures of her twenty-fifth birthday party. The party had been massive and fun. She had enjoyed every minute of it. Her Dad had flaunted her the entire time. He had insisted she greeted every friend of his at the party. He had proudly introduced her by saying: “Meet my incredible daughter, Esenam” every time he introduced her to someone she didn’t know. He had been very proud of her indeed. Her Dad had given her an iPhone and a ticket for a vacation in the Bahamas. He had presented his gift with a huge hug and kisses on her cheeks. Her Mom had given her a white gold necklace with her initials on it. Her naughty brother had presented her with a whole box of sanitary pads that could last a lifetime.

The phone in the living room rang, interrupting her sad reveries. She rushed out to answer it but decided it was best she didn’t. She wouldn’t want anyone thinking ill of Boat. It rang several times but she did not answer it.

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Boat was desperate. He needed to check on Esenam but somehow he had misplaced her contact. He had put the slip of paper she had written her number on inside his wallet but he could not find it. He was even more worried since his calls through the house phone went unanswered. Esenam had told him she would head out around ten in the morning and it was only half past eight. He wondered if she had left earlier than expected or something was amiss. He looked through his wallet and briefcase for the third time and finally found the piece of paper with Esenam’s contact details inside a zipped compartment in the briefcase. He quickly called the number.

“Hello.” Esenam answered.

“Hello. I’m just checking on you. I’m kind of worried. Are you sure you are alright, being all by yourself and all? How are you holding up?”

“Thats sweet of you. I’m hanging in there. Besides this is not the first time of being by myself. I’m mostly home alone, you know.”

“Okay, I’ll take your word for that. I called Elder Asare’s house. He is still not back. His mobile phone is not going through too.”

“I see.” Esenam said, a bit disappointed.

“Naana also sent a message that she would be returning tomorrow instead. What are we going to do?”

“Hmmm. I don’t really have any backup plan yet. Don’t worry too much okay. Your work needs all the concentration it can get. I will think of something before you get back.”

“You are not alone in this, Esenam. Your worries are mine too.”

“I know. Thanks for always making things lighter to bear. Now, forget about my issues and pay attention to your work. I’ll be here when you get back and we would think of something.

“You know I can’t just forget about your problems. I guess I care too much.”

“That’s good to know but I don’t want to keep you from working. I care too. See you soon.” Esenam ended the call and sat on the bed dejectedly.

The news about Elder Asare and Naana not being available unsettled her greatly. What was she going to do? She did not have enough money to check into a hotel before school reopened. She knew her Mom would not be able to help much because she held a joint account with her Dad. She always had to justify every withdrawal from the account.

She called her Mom and learnt that she did not go to the office. Esenam decided then to go and see her since home was just a stone throw away. She prayed for God’s active force to enable her remain faithful in God’s service in her trials.

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