Whatever It Takes-Episode 2


Esenam recalled how she had taken the bold decision not to engage in sex or any amorous relationship with Akwasi until they were married. She took that decision after her encounter with an evangelist who had handed her a brochure on the walkway when she was taking a stroll down the road one evening. Esenam refused to take it the first time because she did not have much faith in those tracts but a neatly dressed handsome guy had casually talked her into taking it.

Later that evening she had read the brochure and found it intriguing. It opened up her mind about a lot of things and left a lot of unanswered questions on her mind. She was sure if she could locate the publisher of the tract, she could get answers to those questions.

Esenam checked the brochure to see if there were any telephone numbers on it but rather found the directions to the church and a name written in ink, Brother Yaw Boateng. She guessed that would be the name of the guy who handed her the brochure. She then decided to go to the church that Sunday to see if she could get the answers she needed. All the questions she asked were answered that Sunday. What amazed her most was the fact that all answers to her questions were given with reference to the Bible.

Esenam had never taken the Bible seriously although she went to church every Sunday. She was truly intrigued and decided she wanted to be part of that church. She attended church service continuously for a month after that. As she took in accurate knowledge of the Bible, it became prudent that she redefined her relationship with Akwasi. She needed to make adjustments in her lifestyle, especially her life with Akwasi if she was to gain God’s approval. It was not like there were a lot to discard as far as her lifestyle was concerned, her only problem was she had to stop sleeping with Akwasi. She knew it was not going to be easy because her best times with Akwasi were those shared in bed. They were quite a pair and she knew she had withdrawn from Akwasi and his advances lately.

Akwasi was confused by her sudden change and wondered if she had fallen out of love with him. Esenam gave excuses to avoid sharing Akwasi’s bed but reassured him of her love for him.

She decided to break the ice one day and walked into Akwasi’s room beautifully dressed as usual to see him. He was on his bed reading one of the naughty boy’s magazines he loved so much. Akwasi jumped up when he saw her and embraced her tightly. He told her how glad he was to see her and pulled her towards him kissing her passionately. It was not like that was unusual when it comes to them; they had always kissed when they see each other. It was their way of greeting but this particular day Esenam had not responded as she used to.

Akwasi had been furious instantly when she pulled out of his embrace and sat on one of the sofa’s in his room.

“Why! Do I repulse you now? It’s been a while since we got close like people in love. You have shunned me of late. You have refused all attempts and advances from me to make love with you with one excuse after another. Have you found some bastard who has been banging you? Have I lost my sex appeal? Or there is someone else.” Akwasi snapped.

“Akwasi, please stop this, you know you are way out of line here. I do love you. Nothing has changed. Believe me when I say that you are still the only one in my life. There is however a huge favour I want from you, so please hear me out.” Esenam answered and went over to sit beside him on the bed.

She told him how bad she felt lately any time they made love because she was aware it was wrong in God’s eyes. She explained that she wanted to wait till she was married before she made love to him.

“Hey, are you losing your mind or something? Who do you expect me to bang between now and the time we get married, huh? I have no plans of getting married now and you know it. My Dad is taking me overseas to further my education after my first degree and I’m only in the second year in the University for Christ’s sake. I have two more years to go before I fly for my masters. So by simple calculation, I won’t be able to marry until after four years, that is if I’m ready then. What do you want me to do in the meantime, fuck spiders? Why this sudden turn of events Esenam? Why are you doing this to me?”

“Akwasi, I know it would be difficult but together and with God’s help we can make it possible. I want to please God so I can’t continue doing the things I now know hurt and displeases Him. I kind of feel guilty after we make love and it is weighing me down. I need your help, please. I love you, that’s the truth.”

They debated on the topic for hours before Akwasi finally threw in the towel and accepted to abstain from sex till they were married. He told her he would accept on condition that Esenam would keep herself for only him. Esenam in turn promised she would wait for him no matter what. She echoed the fact that she would never do anything to hurt him and thanked him for understanding and showing her that he truly loved her. They embraced and kissed briefly to seal their deal.

Can Esenam keep her side of the bargain? Only time will tell let the discussion flow

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