My Celebrity Girlfriend Episode 6


*knock* *knock*
i knocked on a door i heard the familiar sound or music “this is super story, a life of…..”

Bros: *opened and look* wetin you dey find?

Me: abeg bros no vex. Actually i dey live across the street and now wey dem won show my best program, my whole light for room just go off. I go fix am tomorrow but abeg make i watch today’s episode of super story.

Bros: *smiled* haba my man, no wahala. Wetin be your name?

Me: *entering the house with my eyes glued on the television* Idris

Bros: hmm. idris, idris, idris, na for where i see that name?

Bros: ohhh na for Pobsonline, one young writter wey dey post him stories there!

Me: *walahi talahi na ur own u dey talk.*

i no even send am jare. I no even hear wetin him dey talk. I even know say na me and person dey room. My own be say na my stephanie i won see.

Bros: *seeing me interested in the program* e be lyk say you like this program oo.

Me: well well. You believe say stephanie talk to me today?

Bros: na lie!

Me: i swear to God. As i go interview for that movie studio across the street wey she dey work.

Bros: eh eh! Your own better ooh. I know say you don tell your neighbours for house.

Me: na hospi… Yes i don tell all of them na…


stephanie: so you think you can deceive me.. So you think i am a village girl you b—–d.

She said to her husband as she was busy hiding the knife in her hand.

Husband: not so my love..

Stephanie: then what is it?

Husband: please sweet heart, just give me a chance to explain myself.

Stephanie: what explanations do you have for sleeping with another girl?

Husband: you this fool! She is not an ordinary girl but my cousi…
she cut his neck with the knife. He fell down and started to bleed.

*Alarm blow*
somebody knocked at the door
*Gen Gen*

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Me: chaii bros, today episode sweet well well o.

Bros: na true oo.

Me: who you think say e knock for door?

Bros: i dey suspect the husband mother.

Me: taarh, me na the neighbour. That one wey like stephanie husband.

Bros: how much you won put am?

Me: *standing up* abeg bros i no fit laugh. Make i go hospi… House na…

Bros: but u say u no get light.

Me: na so oo

Bros: abegee stay here, i get many stephanie film and you go like them because na new collection.

Me: *iyeee, my belle sweet me* abeg make i see am.

He brought it out and true true, na new collections oo..

Me: abeg bros u get popcorn?

Bros: yes *going into his room* i buy plenty this morning.

Me: make i watch this one first, no this one, no this one, infact i go watch all..

I said, balanced and started watching the film while eating popcorn to digest and assimilate it like say na my papa house i dey. I even forget to return back to the hospital and go back to my sick bed. I just dey there for bros house dey watch.

Stephanie: oh my baby boo *she said to Jim iyke on the dining table* this food is delicious.

Jim iyke: *like say na you cook am, no be maids cook am. After u go dey form porch* yes my love. It is really delicious.

He started drinking the juice and as he was looking at the beautiful stephanie, the drink passed the wrong channel and he wanted to cough.

Now he was ordered by stephanie not to use his hand and cough but his handkerchief.

As he was busy looking for the handkerchief,
he coughed without using his hands or handkerchief. Before he could blink,

Brain formatting slap for Jim iyke, today fight go dey……
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