My Celebrity Girlfriend Episode 7


Jim iyke: iyeee *he shouted* you just slapped me.. A whole me

He said losing his belt very quick. Today, he must make sure that her beautiful face will be like his grandmother’s butt.

The guards knew what was going to happen next and they quickly took stephanie to her room bolting it to prevent Jim iyke hurting her.

Jim iyke: what, who told you to take her inside?

He asked the terrified bodyguard that took her inside. Before the bodyguard could speak, he dived him like a lion beating the living day light out of him.

He reached for a glass vessel.


he broke the bodyguard’s head. As if that was not enough, he removed his belt and dealt with him mercilessly.

When he was done, the bodyguard was lying in his pool of blood.

Jim iyke: *breathing heavily* that will teach you b—–d not to interfere in my matters again.

He said and dashed out of the house, entered his latest jeep and zoomed off.

“She was lucky” he thought

“very lucky”
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Stephanie sat down and wondered

stephanie: so this b—–d would have beaten me?

She thought. Truly, she knew he would have beaten her.

She closed her eyes thinking of what she has become. She was never like this before but her attitude changed since, since………..

Tears were now dripping from her eyes, to the girls and women, she was very nice but to the men and boys, she was heartless and wicked.

Oh yes they deserve what they are getting and even more. After all, they were the ones that turned her into this monster she was. Not after what they did to her.

Stephanie: *wiping her face and bringing fort that angelic smile* They must suffer. Oh yes they must.

she said and stood up…

Stephanie: the b—–d should go for all i care. After all, i am done with him anyway!
Guard 1: is he still alive

Guard 2: *examining* is like he is still breathing. We need a car to take him to the hospital.Go and call….

He wanted to say the word STEPHANIE but thank goodness, here she is.

Stephanie just passed the guard as if nothing happened. She needs to cool down her head. Maybe one or two bottles of whisky will do.

She walked to her bar swaying her big hips, just then she turned.

Stephanie: *shouting* would you find a car and take that THING to the hospital. Don’t use mine because i don’t want blood to stain it.

Guard 2: *he was so furious and wanted to shout but he dare not. Instead he is going to pick on someone his own size* SOMEONE SHOULD CALL 911.

He shouted at the other guards
Nurse 1: chaii, today’s episode sweet oo..

Nurse 2: oga Samuel never come make i go check on Idris.

Nurse 3: oya na!

The two nurses said and sat down.
They were about to gossip on the next episode when they heard a shout.

Nurse 2: Jesus!!!!!! ABIGIAL!!!!!!

The nurses ran towards the place where idris was admitted and saw that the place was empty. Nurse abigial couldn’t take it, she passed out.
Samuel entered inside the hospital. The reason he delayed was that idris mum told him she was coming over to the hospital to see her child.

He had to wait for the old woman. He really pitied her. The old woman cried when she was told what happened to her son idris.

They entered inside the hospital and was surprised seeing all the nurses crying and weeping

Idris Mum: ah ah. Wetin happen to my pikin?

Samuel: wetin happen to idris, where him dey?

Nurse 1: we all went out to buy our evening food ooo

Nurse 2: she and abigial went while i was in the toilet.

Nurse 3: when we came back, the bed was empty..

Samuel: WHAT???

Idris Mum: chimooooo, God oo.. where my pikin dey oo.. idris wey you dey na? Chaiii oo dem don succeed oo.. Village witch don com carry my pikin fly oo.. Idris wey you dey??

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