Whatever It Takes-Episode 19


Thursday came quickly and Esenam had to attend Youth meeting. She was giving the talk that evening. She got dressed and checked for the umpteenth time if her Dad was back. Thankfully his car was not outside so she felt it was best to leave before he got home. Fortunately for her, the gateman was not at post to see her leave. She opened the door quietly and left the house.

Mr. Fiagbe, who had come home earlier than usual without his car, watched Esenam from his bedroom window. He pulled a shirt from his wardrobe, hurriedly put it on, and stormed out of the house after Esenam. He tailed her for some time through the meandering streets, and finally saw Esenam walk up to Boat’s door. She pressed the doorbell and Boat answered almost immediately. Boat locked up and walked to the roadside with her. They stopped a taxi and took off.

Mr. Fiagbe quickly stopped the next taxi and asked him to tail the other taxi discreetly. He told the driver he was willing to pay any price for his fare as long as he did not lose sight of the taxi.

The taxi carrying Mr. Fiagbe pulled up across the street when the taxi they were tailing finally stopped in front of a huge building. Mr. Fiagbe waited till Esenam and her companion entered the church with the inscription “Students of the Bible International Church”. He then instructed the driver to head back to where he picked him. Mr. Fiagbe peeled off notes and gave them to the taxi driver, and then he rushed into his house with his fury boiling beyond control. He almost knocked down his wife who had just returned from work. He walked straight into Esenam’s room and pulled her suitcases from the top shelve onto the bed. He opened her wardrobe and started pushing her clothes into one of the suitcases.

“Alfred, what in the name of God do you think you are doing?” Mrs. Fiagbe asked when she entered the room and saw what her husband was doing.

“That useless daughter of yours does not deserve to live in my house for another day. She’s simply stupid. I’ve had enough of her stupidity.” Mr. Fiagbe explained.

“What did she do now?” Mrs. Fiagbe asked whilst she took out the clothes from the suitcase and put them back in the wardrobe.

“Would you stop that nonsense, woman? I won’t tolerate insolence from anyone. Not from you or your daughter. She had the impudence to defy my orders not to go to that Church. She needs to be taught a lesson, and a good one at that.”

“I don’t understand you. What is wrong with Esenam following her heart’s desire? Has she changed for the worse since she joined that church? She is in fact very submissive these days and I think the Church has influenced her positively. She’s done nothing bad to deserve this kind of treatment. She is old enough to make her own decisions as to where she wants to worship. Why don’t you accept and respect her decision? You can’t run her life forever, you know. We are their parents not their masters to lord it over them. Our duty is to guide them not to impose our decisions on them. The fact that she went back to the Church doesn’t mean she disrespects you. She is doing what she knows is right.” Mrs. Fiagbe shot back. The scuffle for Esenam’s clothes continued between Mr. and Mrs. Fiagbe.

“Woman, stop what you’re doing or else…” Mr. Fiagbe burst out.

“Or else what? Would you beat and throw me out just as you did to your only sister for the simple reason that she fell in love with someone you didn’t approve? Now you are doing it to your own daughter! You should be ashamed of yourself. You need deliverance from God. You are so insensitive and a …” Mr. Fiagbe’s fury was at its uncontrollable peak. His right palm came down on his wife’s left cheek before she could complete her sentence. Mrs. Fiagbe was totally shocked by her husband’s behaviour. It was as if he was possessed. She held her cheek where she was struck and left Esenam’s room broken-hearted.

Mr. Fiagbe continued his mission unabated and soon carried two suitcases from Esenam’s room to the compound. He bumped into Elorm in the living-room, but the look of strong disapproval on his son’s face did nothing to assuage the older man’s venom. Yayra was also there and could not understand what was going on. She asked her Daddy where he was taking her sister’s belongings but he completely ignored her. Yayra, in her desperation run into her mother’s room for answers. She saw her mom sitting on her bed with tears in her eyes and she also gave way to tears.

Is Esenam sad sending her things to the church? All because she refused to marry a guy he tried to rape her? Is there father’s like this? Let the discussion flow

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