My Celebrity Girlfriend Episode 24 Final


Chaiii, this food sweet like die. Tofiakwa, die no dey sweet. The food sweet like mad. I just dey jejely eat am small small. Pounded yam and vegetable soup with many fish and meat, you too much.

Stephanie was just looking at me with a huge smile on her face. Surely you won’t blame her. I am just an innocent boy eating his pounded yam and vegetable soup.

Me: *stopped all of a sudden, i forget to pray over this food* blessed this food in Jesus name. Cover this food with thy blood of…

Stephanie: *holding back her laughter* what are you doing?

Me: blessing the food.

The whole people in the restaurant including the waiters and stephanie burst into rounds of laughter. I was just looking the floor.

Stephanie: so you are blessing the food that is almost finished.

She managed to stay and continued laughing. I just smiled, the whole people too was just laughing, wetin concern me? My own be say i don bless the food.

10 minutes later.
I don finish eat i come relax like big man.

Me: *doing the normal thing you do with toothpick* what were you telling me the other time.

Stephanie: *giggled* so its now you remember. After eating everything. When we get home am going to tell you.

Me: *sipping 5 alive with toothpick still in my mouth* no problem ma.

Stephanie: the Ma thing is enough, Stephanie is ok by me..

Me: *my belle sweet me pass fish* thanks stephanie.

We payed, sorry she paid for everything and we walked out of the restaurant holding our hands together..

*tongue out* she don dey like me.
Guy 1: oya drive she don dey pass.

Guy 2: yes boss.

Guy 3: we must do this operation quick quick. I just pity that her new PA, we need to save him life before she kill am.

Guy 1: na true.
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Me: strange, that black jeep has been following us since.

Stephanie: abegee, its just a coincidence that’s all.

Me: hmmm..

We were still driving when the black jeep suddenly over take us, then three armed strong men like Ryback came out pointing their guns at us.

Guy 1: you think you can insult me and go free, fire!!!!!!
He shouted.

As they were about to shoot, i quickly unhooked my seat belt.


the bullet was stronger than the bullet proof glass but before it could got close to Stephanie, i used my body and cover her shielding her from any bullet coming through. Since the glass is tinted, they couldn’t see what was happening inside the car.

Me: ahhhhh
i groaned in pains.




i received all three bullets before passing out. If only she hadn’t be rude, her bodyguards would have helped but she has sacked them all.

I looked up and saw slowly, the gate of heaven was opening, blood was allover the car and i thank God Samuel has made my obituary paper in advance.

Na change we dey, things dey cost everyday. At least with the obituary paper ready, things can move easily.

Stephanie: idriss…
Stephanie: Idris!!!!!!

She shouted as hot tears were running down her eyes. The guys have gone thinking their mission was successful.

Stephanie: please don’t leave me, i promise to be nice, i promise to be that nice and wonderful girl that i was before, i promise to be respectful to everyone again. Please don’t go!!
She shouted

Stephanie was crying trying to revive me but for where, i don go..
written by: Mustapha Idris

watch out for season 2 on Monday

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The end