My Celebrity Girlfriend Episode 23


I we later disengaged from the “PARADISE HUG” and yea, i was floating in the sky.

Stephanie: come lets go and have breakfast in a close eatery.

Me: erm, erm, i am not hungry.

Stephanie: common, don’t tell me you are scared of me, are you?

Me: *nodded no*

Stephanie: then lets go..

She said and we went to an eatery close to her house.

A waiter rushed to us immediately he sighted us, bow then a little and pointed to an empty table for two.

Waiter: what do you want?

Me: ladies first.

Stephanie: *smiled* i need um, fried rice, chicken, roasted crab, and a cool hollandia to take it down accompanied with a plate of pepper soup.

Me: *wow, wow, wow, for which belle?*

waiter: *quickly wrote down everything she said and turned to me* your turn sir.

Me: just a plate of pounded yam with vegetable soup.

Waiter: do you need fish or meat.

Me: both, infact let the plate over flow with meat because the money is….

Stephanie: on you *pointed to me* he is paying for everything.

Me: haaa, then give me pure water with one tooth pick.

Stephanie: hahahaha. don’t mind him, i am paying for the food.

Me: then i take my previous request back.

The waiter smiled and went away.

Stephanie: *looked me into my eye making me feel shy* Idris.

Me: ma..

Stephanie: there is something i want to tell you…

Me: go on.

Stephanie: first of all, i want to plead with you to forgive me for being so rude to you…

Me: *gasped, i knew deep down that she is a nice person*

the waiter brought her food and went to bring mine.

Stephanie: you are so gentle, cool and quiet that anytime i slap you or shout at you, you just smiled back and my consent do hurt me alot. Anytime i sleep, my spirit would not be at rest because i have hurt you. Tell me the charm you are using please!!

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Me: *smiled* its not a charm ma. I am innocent and i did nothing bad to you. If someone have hurt you in the past, you just have to settle your case with the person because if you are punishing every innocent soul that get in to your way, you are just hurting yourself the more, spoiling your name and image and being disliked by everyone..

Wow, na me talk that thing? Taarh no be me.

Stephanie: *looking on the floor with a sad look* well, i wasn’t like this before. Something bad happened to me.

Me: a problem shared is a problem half solved. What happened to you.

Stephanie: *looking on the floor with tears dripping little by little* about 8 years ago….

The waiter brought my food. Chaii as i see the food my appetite grow like zuma rock.

Me: what is this?

I said raising the spoon up.

Waiter: its the spoon you will use to eat the pounded yam.

Me: i need washing hand basin oo. oyibo, i don’t like your method. Give me washing hand basin!!
I shouted and stephanie that was crying began to laugh out loud.

Some people inside were surprise seeing stephanie laughing but as for me, as dem bring my washing hand rubber na diving things oo..

Stephanie: chaii idris, you will not kill somebody.
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