Whatever It Takes-Episode 14


Later that day, a young man walked into the Fiagbe’s compound neatly dressed. Mr. Fiagbe was outside in the balcony when he arrived. He greeted politely asked if it was possible to see Esenam. From the little he had gathered from Esenam, he did not want to offend the old man in any way. He had played with the idea for days but brushed it off each time. He did not want to complicate matters for Esenam but at the same time he was very worried she had missed meetings for the first time.

“Who may I say is here to see her?” Mr. Fiagbe asked suspiciously.

“Yaw Boateng, Sir.”

“How did you get acquainted with my Esenam?”

“I know her from the neighbourhood, Sir.” Mr. Fiagbe was sure the young man was from the church. He was sure he was the reason Esenam was being so hot- headed and promised to find out how close they were. He had a little test up his sleeve. He was going to find out if Esenam would come out to see him. Then his suspicions would be confirmed. He ushered Yaw into the living-room and asked him to sit. Mr. Fiagbe took a seat facing Boat and shouted for Yayra. Yayra came to the living-room almost immediately.

“Let your sister know that a Yaw Boateng is here to see her.” Yayra run to Esenam’s door. She knocked on it persistently and asked that she let her in. Esenam opened the door for her. Yayra jumped on her bed and saw that Esenam’s eyes were red. She asked if she was crying but Esenam reassured her that she was not. Yayra told her there was someone in the living-room to see her.

“Is Akwasi still there?” Esenam asked intrigued.

“No-pe,” Yayra replied. “Daddy said to tell you a Yaw something is looking for you.” Esenam was elated to learn that Boat had come to see her. She had skipped a meeting at church that week and was sure he was worried. She straightened her dress with her palms and checked in the mirror to see if her hair was not messy. She took Yayra by the hand and walked to the living- room. She greeted nicely and waited for her Dad to excuse them but that did not happen. He pretended to be busy reading something in the newspaper.

“Boat, please come into the garden with me.”

“You will do no such thing, Esenam. Whatever you two want to talk about, do it here and now. You are not moving an inch from here.” Mr. Fiagbe stated and went back to the newspaper.

“But Dad, you are embarrassing me.” Esenam shot back.

“Do you have any idea how it feels to be embarrassed? Suddenly you feel like talking so you come out of your hideout. When Akwasi was here earlier, you refused to speak to him. This boy shows up and you act as if nothing has happened. You two think you can fool me? Then think again. Now, tell me, where do you know this boy?”

“He lives just a few blocks from here.” Esenam answered.

“And that give him the right to come looking for you? So, this is the reason for your behaviour these days, right?. Is he the reason for your break-up with Akwasi?”

“Sir, I think you are mistaking me for someone else. I’m just …..” Boat began.

“Shut up, young man, I’m warning you to keep very far away from my daughter or I wouldn’t be responsible for what happens to you. She’s engaged to another man so don’t waste your time and energy trying to score points with her, or with any other member of this family.”

“But Dad, you don’t even know him. How can you make such threats? He is just a…”

“Friend? Oh, cut that crap, will you? I’m not fooled one bit.” Mr. Fiagbe said and turned to Boat. “Young man, I think you’ve overstayed your welcome in my house. Get lost and remember what I just said. No one messes around with me. If you value your life and whatever you do for a living, you would stay very far away from my family, especially Esenam. She is forbidden to you. Am I clear?” Yaw got up to leave and thanked Mr. Fiagbe for the kind gesture of letting him into his house. Esenam offered to see him off to the gate but her father insisted she stayed where she was. He told her if she set one foot out of the living-area on the pretext of seeing Boat off, she should not bother to come back. Boat did not want to make matters any worse for Esenam so he signaled that he would go alone.

He walked reluctantly to the door and then out of the house. He stood gazing at the closed door for a while then left the huge gates for his house. He was sad Esenam had to go through such misery just because she wanted to do what was right in God’s eyes.

Can Boat do something about this? Let the discussion flow

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